Monday, November 16, 2009

Hometown harvest

This weekend's trip was a bit of a whirlwind, topped off with a stupid flat tire, but we had a great time.

Em got to play with her 4-year-old cousin Jayden a bit on Friday.

She had a lot of fun with Grandma, who hadn't seen Em since she started walking. It was also the first time Grandma saw her pigtails.

Saturday evening we attended Megan and Jim's wedding. I surprised Shelby that afternoon when I dropped by the salon where she and her sister Megan were getting their hair done, but as our babies were both at their respective grandmas' napping, we hadn't met each others' little ones yet. So when we arrived at the wedding, we both squealed in delight as we ran over to finally see our little ones.

Her son, Rex, was chilling in his stroller, and Em cheered along with us.
Meeting for the first time!

It was a really well-done harvest-themed wedding. (The invites happened to be creations of my pal, Jenny, who also did Shelby's wedding invites a few years ago.)

Loved the pumpkins lining the aisle, and the hay and corn stalks at the altar!
Harvest wedding

We took a quick family self-portrait before the ceremony.
Silly self-portrain

And Em people-watched.
Em & Daddy

Then it was time for Megan's big entrance! She wore a lovely short lace dress and a gorgeous bird cage veil.

Check out her fabulous red shoes! (I was afraid of messing up the pro photog's shots, so I didn't lean out into the aisle as much as I would have liked. Forgive the random shoulders.)

She and Jim had a nice, short but very sweet ceremony. The groom told the story of how they met, and his brother was their officiant.

Look how great Shelby looked as the matron of honor!
Shelby, the matron of honor

The ceremony ended...
The bride & groom

Shelby & the best man

Then it was time for the reception!
Reception hall

Check out the pumpkin cupcakes! Too bad we left before it was time to cut the cake. Em was getting cranky and tired, so we took her home and put her to bed.
Pumpkin cupcakes

We invited another of my oldest friends, Stacie, who's temporarily back in Visalia, to come hang out with us that evening. She and Brent both sported the faux-Snuggies my mom had. I was perfectly fine in a regular blanket, thankyouverymuch.

The next morning we showed Em off at the restaurant my mom manages. She won over the early-morning blue-haired diners by toddling between each table, stopping, waving and saying, "Hi!" happily. (Brent's not convinced that it's her first official word, but I say it is as she says it unprompted now.)

After Em's morning nap, we got some one-on-one time with Shelby and her family. Em and Rex compared phones, and she only went for the sweet boy's hair once.
Sweet boy

(He's so freakin' adorable!)

I'm delighted to have finally met Rex, and I'm hoping it won't be so long before our next visit!
Moms & babes

"In my friend, I find a second self."
- Isabel Norton


  1. Teeniest pigtails ever! So cute.

  2. Em is getting so big!!

  3. What a fun trip!! :)

  4. aw that wedding looks so fun, love the pumpkin cupcakes, cuuuute. and the little ones are quite the adorable pair.

  5. You can tell in the last picture that Em is just ready to sprint. So cute!

  6. Charlie has the same sweater Rex is wearing in that first picture of him. :)

    Em is soooo cute!

  7. Oooh cute babies! They're both adorable.