Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I remember...

I remember when Heather found my blog, pointing out that we were both unknowingly at our mutual friend Cat's baby shower.

I remember falling in love with her storytelling and knowing that we'd hit it off.

I remember when we met Heather, her husband Mike and their gorgeous daughter Maddie for the first time for dinner. Brent later noted that he recognized Maddie's striking looks long before he saw Heather and Mike waiting for us.

I remember introducing Heather to Em at a Monday Mommy Movie, where we swapped babies to gush over each others' beautiful girls. Maddie was months older than Em, but she was still such a wee thing. I couldn't help but smile as Maddie looked up at me with her big eyes.

I remember getting together with our mutual pal, Cat and her daughter, Clara. All three little gals were at different stages of their teeny tiny lives, but we had fun watching them interact.
I remember Em and I sitting next to Heather, Mike and Maddie at Clara's first birthday. I watched Heather watch Maddie, and thought, "THAT'S the definition of an adoring parent."

I remember reading Heather's tweets just a few days later, detailing the sudden turn in little Maddie's health.

I remember learning that Maddie was gone.

I remember crying and crying and crying at the news, feeling helpless that I couldn't take away the Spohr's pain.

I remember sitting amongst the crowd at Maddie's services, overcome with grief but knowing that it wasn't even a sliver of what Maddie's family was facing.

On this day, the day that sweet Maddie would have turned 2, I remember all of the above, and more. Her life and the impact it's had is not something anyone can forget.

Maddie Moo, we miss you.

"Grief teaches the steadiest minds to waver." - Sophocles


  1. I didn't know them, but their story makes me so so sad. :(

  2. I read Heather's blog everyday (found her through you). My heart just hurts for them but their stories, their love, just make me smile.

  3. Awesome post, Nanette.

  4. I am so glad you got to meet sweet maddie moo.

  5. such a sweet post nanette. so sweet.

  6. Such sweet memories, thank you for sharing them with us. It is so wonderful to read all these amazing posts dedicated to Maddie today.

  7. Thank you, Nanette, for keeping very special memories alive for so many people, even people who never knew Maddie in real life.

    This post made me cry. Not fair.

  8. :( Just heart-wrenching.