Saturday, November 07, 2009

Meal ticket

I'm tired.

Can't think of much to blog, other than a request for some info from the parents who read this.

Now that Em is pretty much off all purees, I'm in a rut trying to figure out what to feed her. She's just now learning to bite pieces off. Mini pancakes are her biting training wheels, and it's ADORABLE, especially when she smiles real big 'cuz she knows how excited it makes me.

What are your little ones' favorite meals?

"My greatest strength as a consultant is to be ignorant and ask a few questions."
- Peter Drucker


  1. We fed Tabby just smaller versions of whatever we at. She loved meatballs, spaghetti, mexican mush (burrito, no tortilla), rice bowls and typical toddler stuff like grilled cheese and mac 'n' cheese. We also bought her a Kitchen Helper and she spends almost all of the time I'm making dinner in it up at the island "helping" me. ;)

  2. When P first started on finger foods she had a lot of spiral pasta or macaroni type noodles that are easy to hold, tofu cubes sauteed in a bit of olive oil, turkey meatballs from TJ's, any steamed veggie, shredded pieces of baked chicken etc. Now she just pretty much eats whatever we're eating.

  3. I roast my own chicken on Sunday nights and then incorporate chicken in a lot of my 1 year olds meals. I know it is too seasoned or salty since I do it myself and she loves it!

  4. His two favorites around that age were hard boiled eggs (Ben only likes the yokes) and noodles (w/ a little butter and parm cheese sprinkled on). Otherwise, I just cut up everything we ate in little pieces and let him try things.

  5. We've been experimenting a bit with Maggie and "real food" as well. She loves tofu, and we've also been giving her small cut up veggies and fruit like tomatoes and strawberries, as well as string cheese. Saturday, I made a scramble with eggs, tomatoes, basil and cheese and we all had breakfast together. I haven't given her much meat though, because I'm still afraid she'll choke, although I'm sure she'd be fine.