Thursday, November 19, 2009

Nom nom!

Don't know if this is a trend anywhere outside of LA and NYC, but food trucks are all the rage here! There's the food truck that seems to have started it all. There's a GRILLED CHEESE TRUCK that I'm very excited to try! There's an ice cream sandwich truck, which we liked. Heck, you can just see all the local options here.

We drove past this food truck earlier in the week and were intrigued. We didn't even know what it was selling, but Brent likes the idea of gourmet food trucks while the cute name and logo sung to me.

We didn't stop, but Brent googled it later and discovered it was a banh mi truck. Banh mi are Vietnamese sandwiches. We've had banh mi, but have never been impressed. We saw that the truck would be nearby today, so we took Em out for a lunch excursion.

We came back with delicious goodies!

We both decided on the Nom Nom Combo special, which includes your choice of two tacos, a banh mi and drink.

Tofu and grilled pork tacos

Lemongrass chicken and bbq pork tacos

I was so excited to eat my sandwich that I didn't remember to snap a pic until I was halfway done. Oops!
BBQ Pork Banh Mi

The tacos were amazing! Very flavorful, perfect proportions of filling to tortillas -- Brent and I both loved 'em.

You have the option to have jalapenos added to your sandwich (I declined), as well as pate (I accepted). Other banh mi we've had has been dry with stale bread. These sandwiches were not dry at all, and the bread was fresh yet crusty.

We'll make lots of return trips to the Nom Nom Truck! We'll be stalking watching them carefully on Twitter!

"I want confirmation that there is food in that truck."
- Skipper, The Penguins of Madagascar


  1. Clearly we have nothing like that in Iowa but I wish we did. The food looks great. I don't know what is more intriguing about this- gourmet food trucks or a food truck with its own website!

  2. I've only had Banh Mi once, but I really liked it. I'm guessing I would love this, too!

  3. oh man that just looks delicious!

  4. Glad you had a redemptive banh mi experience. Having grown up on banh mi from Little Saigon in OC, I'm glad to see that it is having a wider appreciation through sources such as Lee's Sandwiches and the Nom Nom Truck. Though I still prefer the more authentic versions from hole-in-the-wall bakeries in Little Saigon.

  5. I love banh mi. I also love the Madagascar penguins. Skipper is my fave. <3! lol