Sunday, November 08, 2009

Tea time

After unsuccessfully trying to schedule an outing with Jodi, and then my bailing on Winnie, Wan and Lilcee after learning that there was an hour+ line to get in, I finally made it to the popular Hello Kitty exhibit at Royal T Cafe.

Not only did I make it there with some of my favorite pals, but I also got to meet some of my favorite blog pals for the first time. JustJENN invited the Food Librarian, Darlene and her husband Paul, and me to meet up for brunch, along with our longtime pal, Jodi.

A few of us ordered the oh-so-cute Hello Kitty high tea.

The food was super cute, and not bad at all, but I prefer Jin Patisserie's tea.

After brunch, we wandered the art exhibit. I didn't take a ton of photos as all three of the memory cards I brought were FULL (I'm so bad about removing photos). However, I couldn't resist this collection of mini canvases by Plasticgod. And his Tweet sign cracked me up.

We had fun identifying the characters, and luckily there was a nearby curator to confirm our guesses on some of the more obscure ones. Click here to biggify and guess for yourselves.

If they weren't $50 each, I might have picked up one or two. Love them so much, and I think they'd be so cute in Em's room!

The line to get into the Hello Kitty-filled store was at least an hour long, so we didn't head in, but we had a great time regardless.

I also learned something new during the following...

Paul: Why is this exhibit called "Three Apples"? Isn't that how tall a Smurf is?
Me: Yeah, they ARE three apples high!
The Food Librarian: That's how much Hello Kitty weighs.
Paul, Darlene, Jodi and I: Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh......

Total tangent, but when I first thought about how tall a Smurf really is, I decided they're probably more creepy than cute in person. Smurfs would be cuter as one apple high. Doesn't three seem more like a giant squirrel or something more menacing?

Just sayin.'

"I don't pay attention. It's kinda like Hello Kitty ate the Disney Channel and threw it up onto that side of the room." - Glenda, Life


  1. It was a good time! Hello Kitty is 5 apples tall, so she towers over smurfs! I'm going to try to go back one evening this week to check out the shop. Alright, now I've got to get a post on this done...

  2. Cute! I loved HK as a kid, but had no idea about all this trivia stuff. :/

  3. I kept seeing promos for this, and meant to tell you about it. Should have known you would already know this was in town.

    I want to eat that HK cake at the top of that tea tray. Like now.

  4. I TOTALLY used to think the same thing about the Smurfs when I was little. They would be totally creepy three apples high. Much better if they were smaller.

  5. Don't knock the Smurfs! I loooooooved them when I was little.

  6. i totally saw something about that and thought of you! so fun, glad you had a good time.

  7. While I always liked the Smurfs, HK can kick their blue butts. Great meeting you in person!!! :) - mary