Thursday, December 24, 2009

'Tis the season

Hope all of you have had a wonderful holiday season this year!

Here's some of our holiday cheer!

Our festive front door, with decals from Etsy.
Our festive door

Sweet Em tried out her new puffy red coat today. Don't know that it'll stop people from calling her "buddy" or "pal" like when they saw her in her blue coat (even with a PINK hat), but it's worth a shot.
Baby, it's cold outside

Here's Em's second pic with Santa. (Last year's is here.) If you're feeling brave, check out the wacky version Brent made in Photoshop.
"Hey, Santa!"

And here's a quick video from the day we took Em to see Santa.

Happy holidays, everyone, and Merry Christmas!

"It's just like Santa's workshop! Except it smells like mushrooms... and everyone looks like they wanna hurt me..." - Buddy, The Elf


  1. Awww she looks like a little Santa herself in her red coat. Love it. Very cute video too. Happy holidays!

  2. Merry Christmas! Rob and I were laughing so hard at Brent's take on the Santa picture- too funny! I love the red coat and I'm sure you won't be hearing "buddy" or "pal" anytime.

  3. Happy holidays to you and your family! :) Cute cute EM.

  4. seriously with the punky brewster outfit. i DIE. so cute. soooo cute. that's gotta be one of the best parts of having kids, right? dressing them up so cute? :) merry christmas to you and your hottie hubby and sweet baby.

  5. aw she is just so festive and adorable i love it. hope you guys had a very merry christmas!

  6. Em is so cute! Happy (somewhat belated) Holidays!

  7. Love those leggings and red suit on her! And happy holidays to you and your family Nanners!

  8. Gorgeous girl! Happy holidays!

  9. Happy Belated Holidays!

  10. I played the video for Maggie and she kept saying "Hi" right back to the computer. Awesomely cute and adorable!

  11. i love the coat! too cute.

    and, your door is so festive. i gotta remember to troll etsy more often.