Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Week sauce

Been nearly a week since I posted.

Things have been busy.

My mom had surgery here in LA on Monday. I'll spare you the multitude of details, but it was a fairly routine surgery. And it should have been a fairly routine hour-recovery from the general anesthesia. That turned into more than four hours to get her to wake up enough, and then it became a vicious circle of lameness. The hospital staff and doctors have been doing what they're supposed do -- my mom just has a very high sensitivity to the anesthesia and didn't think to tell the anesthesiologist.

She was originally supposed to leave after one or two days in the hospital, but her recovery has been slower than they'd like, so it may not be until tomorrow but more likely Friday.

It's been crazy around here, and I plan to be back to blogging when things have settled down a bit.


  1. Best wishes and a fast(er) recovery for your mom!

  2. (coming out of longtime lurkdom) My mother and her brother both have a difficult time coming out of anesthesia and it makes them both very sick. They've been told that they have a bit of native american blood/background and this is common. ???? I hope your mother is feeling better soon!

  3. I have the same problem. I was told it was an enzyme deficiency. We found out the hard way when the FOUR epidurals they gave me during birth didn't work. Or at least they thought they didn't work. Turns out they were working very slowly. After finally being put under for a c-section I ended up not waking up until 8 hours after my daughter's birth. Woke up intubated in the ICU. It was very scary. My doc told me it's hereditary and was very surprised no one else in my family had ever had the issue. Now I make sure to tell EVERYONE, lol.

  4. Sorry about your mom :o( Hope she got to go home today.

    However, I love the new look on the blog!!

  5. I hope your mom has a speedy recovery.

  6. I hope your mom is all better. {{hugs}}

    Btw, my word verification is "reads". Yup, that's what I do. ;)