Sunday, January 10, 2010

Gimme five

I'm enjoying my Project 365 -- taking a photo of Em every day for a year -- but I'm thinking that waiting to post them every five days could make for very long posts. You'll see what I mean below.

Day 6 - This was an evening photo, hence the use of flash. I'm still playing around with how to get the best indoor pics.
Day 6

Day 7 - Lots of great photos from this day. Started with a trip to the Nom Nom Truck, which I've mentioned before here.
Running to the Nom Nom Truck


We took our lunch to a nearby park...

...where Em lurked in the shadows...

...and played in the sand.

Aaannnndddd listened to rocks. What the?


I think she really just enjoyed the way the cold rocks felt against her cheek.

Day 8 - We took Em to a mall play area, where she mostly sat and watched in awe as the bigger kids whizzed by her. I was having some shutter speed/lighting issues, so I only got one decent photo.
Day 8

Day 9 - That morning Brent got Em up from her first nap while I retrieved a load of her laundry. I came back in to find Em roaming our condo like this:
Day 9

(The hand down the diaper didn't start until I started to snap a pic.)

Here's a close-up of the post-it.
Post-it: close-up

Duly noted, Em. Duly noted.

Day 10 - That brings us to today. I started off by admiring Em's peaches-n-cream complexion and red hair. We still don't know what gene pool that came from.
Day 10

She managed to spend the rest of the day bangin' herself up. She got a little scrape when she fell and bumped our coffee table, and then scraped her knee TWICE while at the park with Daddy. Apparently she didn't cry until the second fall.

"An old Apache storyteller reminds us: 'The plants, rocks, fire, water, all are alive. They watch us and see our needs. They see when we have nothing to protect us, and it is then that they reveal themselves and speak to us.'" - Joseph Campbell


  1. I guess I need to see her in person, because her hair totally looks brown to me. She's freakin' adorable, no matter what color her hair is!

  2. too much cuteness. the bear has red hairs in his facial hair...maybe there's some random asian red hair gene that he and em have?

  3. hey, the bean has that same polka dot/stripes outfit, only in red and pink!

    totally cute pics, all of 'em. :) i think i actually do snap at least one shot of the bean every day, but i don't post daily either. darn close, though!

  4. I have to agree with Leslie; the red hair isn't coming through on the screen. We really thought A's hair was going to have a red tiny at first too, but the older she gets the more she just looks blonde.

  5. she is so cute. can ben be her boyfriend?

  6. cute little Em, learning about the world. It's fascinating to watch them grow!

  7. Love the note and her listening to the rock! And I am jealous of the super cool food trucks and wearing shorts and short sleeve shirts in January.

  8. She is seriously the most beautiful baby! Her eyes!

    I lol'd at the 'lurking in the shadows' comment. So funny!!

  9. That little green outfit is precious!

  10. i love the "em needs clothes" post it, haha. so funny.

  11. Anonymous8:09 AM

    She is soooo adorable!!! Love the post it stuck to her little naked self! :)

  12. Uh...Show us the sammiches!!

  13. Nanette - I remember you had a pregnancy ticker on your blog that counted down the days until your due date. Do you remember where you found it? I have been searching and searching for one I like, and can't seem to find one that I like (I remember I liked yours). If you happen to remember, can you just leave me a msg on my blog? Thank you!!

  14. Em - the rock whisperer! (that's what that picture made me think...)


  15. All these pics are so adorable!!

  16. These are such great pics! I love the pic of Em running in front of the Nom Nom truck :) So awesome! She's such a cutie!

  17. I love her hair color!! I'm kinda jealous. :)