Friday, January 15, 2010

Project 365 continues!

Days 11-15

Bath time
Day 11

Sleepy girl (Almost forgot to take a pick that day. Oops.)
Day 12

Rosie the Riveter. Aunt Jemima. Or a member of the Bloods. Your pick.
Day 13

Bright light
Day 14

Under the weather today. She has a runny nose, and then a fever brought on from her vaccines this morning. Poor little gal.
Day 15

"Energy is eternal delight." - William Blake


  1. My first thought was Aunt Jemima- leave it to the pregnant lady to think about food first!

  2. Ha - I love that last picture with her belly hanging out.

  3. She is adorable!

    I need to do some kind of photo project so that I'll remember to take photos of my kids more often. I used to, all the time!

    Also? I'm giving away free food on my blog this weekend, if you're interested in entering to win!

  4. I love the one of her reaching up to the light. It's absolutely beautiful (frameworthy, too).

    We have that same rocking/bouncy chair, but Charlie already exceeds the weight limit. :/

  5. That's how Tupac used to wear his bandanas :P lol
    This is a really great set of pictures, she's gorgeous

  6. i'm dying at "aunt jemima."

  7. Hi! I'm visiting from MBC. Great blog.

  8. The bandana one is great!

  9. She is sooo Aunt Jemima!

  10. I really love the one of her reaching up for the light. It looks so magical!