Sunday, February 07, 2010

Days 33-38

Day 33 - At the park with Daddy. They go there a lot when I'm working. Brent says this pic is very "preschool 007."
Day 33

Day 34 - By the time I got around to taking Em's daily picture, she was Grumpy Gus. I took a couple videos in the hopes of cheering her up, but that just made her more grumpy as I wouldn't let her have my camera. When I film something using my point-and-shoot, it automatically makes a collage from the video, as seen below.

Day 34

I'd post the video, but it makes Brent and I cringe, so we imagine it'd be even less fun for my readers. Trust me on this one.

Day 35 - 11:58 p.m. Em is fast asleep. I'm running around our condo, thinking, "Gah! I'm too late!" Then I figure out a Project 365 cheat - and take a picture of a picture of Em. So very meta, right?

My pal, justjenn, just launched new personalized stationery. She used one of Em's pics for her prototype. She dropped a set off to us (along with these most amazing MOCHI DONUTS). I'm so excited to put these paper goods -- a notepad and notecards -- to good use!
Day 35

Day 36 - Post-nap Em, complete with sleep lines on her face. I love rosy cheeks.
Day 36

Day 37 - Em loves all paper goods. She adores books, magazines, catalogs, envelopes, Netflix sleeves -- everything. Here she is with a copy of Brent's latest "Dwell Magazine." Oh, yes - those are pigtails you spy.
Day 37
If you're my friend on Flickr, then you must check out the runner-up pic for that day here.

Day 38 - That brings us to today. Sweet girl, chilling by a fountain with Daddy.
Day 38

"A book hasn't caused me this much trouble since Where's Waldo went to that barber pole factory." - Tracy Jordan, 30 Rock


  1. Em looks very mischievous in that first pic :) She's such a cutie! As an almost mom, I'm glad you didn't post the breakdown video ;) What I don't know can't hurt (scare) me ;)

  2. that stationery is fantastic. i love it!

    em is adorable, as always. even when angry as all hell.

  3. i love the day 37 picture, her expression is adorable.

  4. I love me some cute little girl pictures... makes me want to leave work and go grab my sweet girl and give her a big mooch!
    She is adorable.. LOVE her cheeks!

  5. Amazing stationery!!! Also, LOVE that first photo! Beautiful composition and lines!

  6. How cute is that stationary?!

  7. How pretty are those lips of hers? I love the picture of her holding the magazine. Very chic.

  8. Em is so photogenic!

    And that stationary? Holy crap - that is adorable!