Monday, February 01, 2010

Project 365 - the unpretty version

While our baby girl is always adorable, sometimes she's not so pretty, as you'll see.

I recently scored a new charger on ebay for my point-and-shoot camera, which I've been getting reacquainted with this week.

Here's Em in her play kitchen. It's in the baby jail in an attempt to contain her 100 pieces of play food.
Day 28

Here she is on Day 29. Cute, yes, but more skeptical than smiley.
Day 29

Day 30. Dark garage + camera flash = surprised Em.
Day 30

Yesterday Brent took Em for her first trip to the zoo with some friends of ours while I brunched with some of my pals. It was a quick trip, so he only snapped a couple of pics. Here she is with the flamingos.
Day 31

Brent had an interview today. Em wished him luck on his way out the door. "I hope they pick a winner, Daddy!"

Day 32

"Please all, and you will please none." - Aesop


  1. The picking the nose one is hilarious - and a great photo to show her as she gets to be a teenager.

  2. I like all of these- it's fun to see all the other expressions and faces she makes besides just being a smiley girl.

  3. That last picture almost made me snort milk out my nose, I was unprepared for it. Love.

  4. This is a really fun project. I'm enjoying seeing all of these different sides of Ms. Em. :)

  5. even when she's grumpy, she's adorable.

  6. i think we should call her angelina, because her lips are so big and pouty, haha. so cute though.

  7. Hey girlie!

    Just wanted to be sure you knew that I moved to WordPress. Please find me and add me to your reader! :)

    Victoria Winters

  8. OMG! I laughed OUT LOUD when I saw that last photo. This is the photo to bust out when she graduates from high school, gets married...the list is endless.

  9. EW BOOGERS. Brent better not have gone to the interview with one on his suit jacket.

  10. That last picture is my favorite!

  11. bettyagnes2:01 PM

    Last picture = 2010 Christmas card cover.

  12. I think the last picture will make a great father's day card ;-)

  13. haha, she found treasure! :)