Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Project 365 sampling

Since I'm about a dozen days behind in posting photos for Project 365, I'm just going to post a sample of my favs.

Our post-bathtime ritual, immediately after we pull Em out of the tub and bundle her up, is to show her her reflection in the mirror. We've been doing it as long as she was old enough to notice her reflection. Now it's fun to watch the expecting look on her face as we wrap the towel around her.
Day 52

Em has a new silly trick of walking up to us while we're standing, and shoving her head between our knees so she can pry her way into a tunnel. It's funny until we realize that we're standing in front of a wall. Oops.
Day 55

People frequently stop to chat with Em while we're out and about. She'd often just give them this look:

But now she quickly beams:

When asked how old she is, she eagerly tells us...
Day 56

And when you ask her how old Daddy is, she quickly opens and closes her hands to indicate that he's a lot more than one.

It's Girl Scout cookies time! I restrained myself this year and bought one box of Thin Mints, which still sit unopened, hidden in our freezer. We let Em carry them home, and she was not eager to let go. She wanted to enjoy them with her sippy of milk!
Day 58

"I lost. I only got second place. This one girl gave her girl scout outfit to her 19 year old sister. She went down to the U.S.S Nimitz and sold 2000 boxes." - Ross, Friends


  1. That's so funny about asking how old Brent is- Ha! I love the tunnel thing. I was being good and got the pb sandwich cookies instead of Thin Mints- that way Rob would eat most of them. My plan is working so far. He doesn't really like the chocolate/mint combo and I knew I shouldn't be eating the whole box!

  2. she has your smile, what a cutie she is =)

  3. What's up with the bibs?

  4. The "stranger look" cracked me up! So cute.

    It's funny how they turn into big cheeseballs when people stop and say hi to them. I'm SO glad I have a friendly kid for that reason though... I've smiled at some kids and they pout and look away. Jerks.

  5. the bean gives strangers that SAME. EXACT. LOOK. it's awesome.

  6. Em is just so adorable . . . love the pics of her cute mug!

  7. Love her looks! What a cutey.

    We've always done the same after bath ritual with the mirror. I know I'm not supposed to, but I always ask both girls who the pretty baby in the mirror is (you know, because it shouldn't just be about being pretty!), but they both just love it!

  8. aw i love that first one, too darn adorable.

  9. That after bath picture is too precious!

  10. Claire does the tunnel thing too. I tell her she's too darned big to be born again! :)

  11. I died laughing at the adorable picture of Em running between Brent's legs!