Sunday, April 04, 2010

Em's eggs-ellent Easter

Em was too young to get into Easter last year, so we were looking forward to this year's festivities.

The holiday came upon us faster than I expected. We nearly missed the window to see the Easter Bunny, but we managed to squeeze in a trip Friday.

Even though Em is dealing with some separation anxiety, I expected her to do OK with the Easter Bunny given how well she did with Santa. There was a group of six adults in front of us, which I assumed was a group of co-workers given the time of day. While they had their pic taken, Em cheered and clapped for them from her stroller. As her turn approached, she waved and smiled at the Bunny. We got closer and closer, and she was fine.

Then I put her on the Bunny's lap and jumped out of the way.

"Somebunny help me!"

Half a second later, she had an epic meltdown. I told the photographer that it was OK if she got a meltdown pic -- not that I was encouraging it, but I think those types of Bunny/Santa pics are funny. However, the photo above is the only one she snapped. (She's still super cute in her stunned state.)

Saturday morning we took Em to nearby Venice Beach for its annual egg hunt. We stopped at a CVS drugstore in the hopes of picking up a basket for Em to use at the hunt. Brent went in and found a cheap, ugly one for $5, which he wasn't thrilled with but had no other choice...until he approached the cashier to pay for it and saw a small display featuring a cute little basket. He asked if he could purchase that one, and at first she said no because it was the display. Then she noticed that the basket still had a tag on it, which meant she could sell it to Brent, so she did. She said a dozen other people had asked out it, but it hadn't occurred to her to check for a price tag. She even threw in the cute paper grass and plastic eggs from the display at no charge. Oh, and that basket was only $2.99! Score!

Off to the Venice egg hunt! While the hunt was a bit disorganized, I appreciated that it was broken into age groups. Em was with the first group of "3 and under," thankfully avoiding those super-fast 4-year-olds. Heh.

In the basket

She picked up two eggs and put them in her basket.
Found one!

She picked up a third egg and generously put it in the basket of this little girl, who was running around and scooping up eggs like she was on Supermarket Sweep. She just gave Em a confused look, wondering why Em wasn't hoarding them for herself.

All in all, the egg hunt lasted about 30 seconds, given the egg-to-kid ratio. I think Em was more into the other decor.
Hi, bunny!

We were going to try our photo luck with the egg hunt's bunny, but it had to return to lead the hunt for the next age group before we had a chance. Probably for the best, given Em's bunny record.
"Bye, sad bunny!"

Sunday's celebrations started with the 2nd birthday of Clara, the daughter of our pals Cat & Adi. (More on that in a separate post.)
Sweet girls

After Em's nap, we headed over to my in-laws' and did an impromptu egg hunt in their backyard.


Here she is showing off the basket her daddy worked hard for. Also, I *adore* the yoga pants she wore. They're a tad big at the moment, but I'm tempted to go scoop up a pair of the grey ones and maybe some of the other larger sizes for her 'cuz they're so damn cute.
It's PINK!

As you probably heard, there was a fairly large quake nearby on Sunday. We were all in the car on the way to the in-laws', so we didn't feel it. However, my in-laws did, and they watched as their pool sloshed back and forth -- enough to spread water across their deck, over a patch of grass and onto this concrete. (The pool is to the left of what you see in this photo.)
Runneth over

Hope you all had a great weekend!

"I once wanted to become an atheist, but I gave up -- they have no holidays." - Henny Youngman


  1. Did you make that floral dress? I have a huge stash of that exact same fabric. I've yet to sew anything with it.

  2. So cute! I can't wait to dress my little girl up in cute outfits for holidays. Where are the yoga pants from?

  3. 1) Charlie's Easter Bunny picture features him having a meltdown. So you'd love it.

    2) I love how well the eggs are hidden in your IL's yard. ;)

    3) Em is adorable. But you already knew that, didn't you?

  4. Some day, when my kids are grumpy teenagers who want to do nothing but send text messages (or whatever it is they'll be doing by then -- maybe sending holographic images of themselves), then I'll miss all of this. I'll miss the overabundance of candy and the egg dying, and even hiding... gosh they grow up way toooooo fast!

  5. I love the cool retro dress! Has a 60's feel to it. I want one!

  6. like justjenn, i have some of that awesome brown floral fabric. so cute!

    i LOVE the easter bunny pic. i could totally tell what happened next :)

  7. What a great Easter! So many cute photos!

  8. Would you look at those CURLS!!! So damn cute!

    Girl with poker straight hair that is envious of anyone with the tiniest hint of curls

  9. i love em's little easter dress, it is so adorable!

  10. Eeee love the dress! It's so cute! The easter bunny picture is hilarious. Love it.