Sunday, May 30, 2010

Em at the museum

Despite some toddler tantrums, we're still enjoying this stage of Em. She's interactive and chatty and soaking up the world. Today seemed like the perfect day to take her a hands-on exhibit about Noah's Ark at the Skirball Cultural Center.

Here she is listening to the introduction before entering the exhibit. That's the museum ticket stuck to her back.


Many of the animals on display are "upcycled" -- made from items like handbags, bamboo steamers, shoes, etc.



Em was intrigued by the exhibits.
It's ok to touch

Em was too small to activate parts of the exhibit, like this model of the flood taking away Noah's Ark.
Watching the flood

Check out the giant ark. You can load foam animals -- two by two, of course -- onto the ark via a moving ramp.
The exhibit

Here are Em and Brent checking out one of the stables within the ark.

The exhibit also includes an area where you can sweep up... poop. No poop in this pic, but here is Em with a broom just her size.
Clean sweep

Sometimes Em just likes to lean back and check out her surroundings.

Playing with the impressively-realistic play food.
Dinner table

The last part of the exhibit featured a percussion circle led by museum employees, but Em was more interested in the "decorate your own cardboard ark" area.

The only part Em didn't like about today's trip? Having to leave.
"I don't wanna leave!"

"I like pigs. Dogs look up to us. Cats look down on us. Pigs treat us as equals." - Sir Winston Churchill

Thursday, May 27, 2010

"Are we on 'Cops' again?"

When a blog reader emails to say they're disappointed in my lack of blogging, it's probably time I post, right? Oops.

I've adored Glee since the first episode and I love live music, so I was super stoked when they announced their live tour.

I got tickets for myself and some other pals, and made arrangements to meet them for dinner and the show last Friday night. (BTW, Katie is the biggest Gleek I've met, and I know lots o' Gleeks. She can tell you which random quote is from what episode. She knows intricate details about the actors. She's hardcore, and it was awesome to attend the show with her.)

I drove myself to the venue, and as I traveled along a busy surface street, I noticed a car in front of me in the left lane (I was in the right lane) with a handicap placard hanging from their rear view mirror. Then I watched in what seemed like slow motion as they sideswiped a parked car and then slammed into the back of another parked car. Quickly I decided that I should stop to make sure that they were OK, and that it was my duty to the owners of the other cars.

A nearby valet gal ran up to assist me in getting the driver, an elderly lady probably in her 80s, out of her car. I called 911, who told me that if there was no damage to community property and if the driver wasn't injured and didn't want a paramedic, then they wouldn't send anyone out to take a report. I suppose I understood their reasoning, but given the nature of the accident, it seemed as though a report would be in order. The driver said she wasn't hurt, although she was quite oblivious and asked if I saw what happened -- because she had no clue herself. She looked at me in disbelief as I told her what I saw.

The 911 operator also said that the driver just needed to leave her info (name, number, insurance info, etc.) on the windshields of the cars she'd hit.

What I first assumed was another helpful passerby stopped to offer to call a tow truck for the driver, but then he dismissed the AAA card she tried to hand him. "No, they won't take your car to a body shop, and then they'll charge you for storage. I know who to call." Um, er...ok. It struck me as fishy, but I wasn't sure what to say or do. Then another guy affiliated with a different towing company appeared out of nowhere. He was a lot less sleazy and argumentative than the first, and also offered to help. Apparently this is a thing, maybe just here in LA or other big cities? Towing companies drive around, looking for accidents and ways to circumvent AAA? Who knows?

Anyhow, the driver had pleaded with me early on, "Please don't leave me..." I promised her I wouldn't until she was comfortable with me doing so.

I told her what the 911 operator told me about leaving her info, and she seemed comfortable with the less-fishy towing guy, who was convinced that the police were on their way and didn't want to move her car until they arrived -- even though I told them they weren't coming. With my concert in mind, though, I asked the driver if she was OK. She said she was.

I left a note on the two cars she hit, which read, "I witnessed the accident. If you need info, give me a call. Nanette (and my number)."

During the Glee show, I got a voicemail from one of the other drivers, who just wanted to thank me for leaving my info. I was happy to hear that the elderly woman had left her info on their cars, too. The next day the owner of the third car -- the one that was basically TOTALED -- called to thank me profusely for leaving my info. Apparently the cops DID show up, and she arrived at the scene just as the police was finishing up their report.

While I felt good for stopping to assist, it took a day or two before I didn't feel like there was more I could've done for that elderly driver, but short of driving her home myself, I'd say I did OK.

"I love wearing champagne bubbles. I get to express a whole different side of myself, because even though I'm painfully shy and obsessed with death, I'm a really effervescent person." - Tina, Glee

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Lovely long weekend

My best friend, Shelby, had her second sweet baby boy today! I figure it's about time for me to finally blog about the last-minute trip Em and I took to visit them a couple weeks ago in Iowa.

It was our first time out there, and as Em and Shelby's son, Rex, are only a few months apart, we were excited to see them interact.


Rex is an absolute doll and was so sweet with Em, even though she was a bit touchy at times.

While we were visiting, I realized how much Em and Rex happen to look alike -- with their fair complexions and hair. See what I mean in this pic of them trying out Shelby's new jogging stroller for our trip to the park.

It's amazing to think how much Shelby and I have grown and changed since we first met 25 YEARS AGO. From our silly notes we wrote to each other with BACKWARD text (you had to hold the note up to a mirror to read it), our band geek adventures, our first jobs at the shave ice stand and movie theater to gladly standing up for each other during our weddings and supporting each other through pregnancies, it's amazing to see our own children starting their own adventures together.

What's that?


Pat, pat

Although we're not a few blocks away, Shelby and her wonderful family are never far from our hearts.

Congrats again, Shelby, Rob and Rex, on your latest addition! Can't wait to meet him!

"Since people are going to be living longer and getting older, they'll just have to learn how to be babies longer." - Andy Warhol

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Star Ems

"I need you to take me to Pottery Barn. I need to return these Star Wars sheets. I find them too stimulating and incompatible with a good night's sleep. I don't like the way Darth Vader is staring at me." - Sheldon, The Big Bang Theory

Sunday, May 02, 2010


It's an exciting time in the Nannersp household. We're having such a blast with our sweet Em.

Last weekend she and I headed out to the March of Dimes' March for Babies. While horrific traffic made us too late for the actual walk, we were still there to support our friends Heather and Mike, in memory of their sweet Maddie. Many, many thanks to the super thoughtful folks who sponsored us at the walk.

I wanted Em to have a fun outfit to wear at the walk. For less than $8 and an hour and a half of my time in front of the TV, I was able to whip up a fun purple tutu using this no-sew tutorial.
(My strips of tulle were 15" instead of 30" like the tutorial.)

I see many more tutus in Em's future, and probably in the lives of her toddler gal pals.

The outfit was a big hit with the other walkers, and I love that Em still has no qualms about busting a move in front of strangers. She couldn't help but boogie to the nearby tunes, and I think some of the Sparks cheerleaders were considering kidnapping her for their squad, even though she's not "fabulous and over forty."

My friend Jessica and her son, B., who's only slightly younger than Em, met us at the walk. We hadn't seen them since B's birthday, so it was great to catch up. The kids had fun hanging out while we waited for Team Maddie to return.


That evening she made some more pals when she met Meghan's youngest, Zach, and Kristen's son, M. Em was particularly enamored with M, and it was safe to say he dug her, too.
Photo by Anya.

Em & M

Em is talking up a storm these days. She repeats so much of what we say, and more and more of her toddler jargon is being replaced by actual words.

She's learning about various animals. Dogs are her absolute favorite, and she'll stop whatever she's doing to tell me that she's heard a dog barking in our neighborhood. She also has a thing for ducks, although she thinks anything with a beak is a duck, including toy chickens and pink plastic flamingos. When asked, she won't tell you that they say, "Quack, quack." Instead, she says, "Coke, QUACK!"

She says "tinks!" when given something, and "peas!" when she wants something. When she gets really excited or impressed (and she's easily impressed), she exclaims, "Oh, WOW! WOOOW!" When she wants what we're eating, she says, "Oh, num num!" When she wants to give a kiss, she leans in and says, "Mmmmmwah!"

As each month passes, I think, "This is such an awesome age! Can it really get any better than this?" And somehow it does.

"I hope everyone that is reading this is having a really good day. And if you are not, just know that in every new minute that passes you have an opportunity to change that." - Gillian Anderson