Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Lovely long weekend

My best friend, Shelby, had her second sweet baby boy today! I figure it's about time for me to finally blog about the last-minute trip Em and I took to visit them a couple weeks ago in Iowa.

It was our first time out there, and as Em and Shelby's son, Rex, are only a few months apart, we were excited to see them interact.


Rex is an absolute doll and was so sweet with Em, even though she was a bit touchy at times.

While we were visiting, I realized how much Em and Rex happen to look alike -- with their fair complexions and hair. See what I mean in this pic of them trying out Shelby's new jogging stroller for our trip to the park.

It's amazing to think how much Shelby and I have grown and changed since we first met 25 YEARS AGO. From our silly notes we wrote to each other with BACKWARD text (you had to hold the note up to a mirror to read it), our band geek adventures, our first jobs at the shave ice stand and movie theater to gladly standing up for each other during our weddings and supporting each other through pregnancies, it's amazing to see our own children starting their own adventures together.

What's that?


Pat, pat

Although we're not a few blocks away, Shelby and her wonderful family are never far from our hearts.

Congrats again, Shelby, Rob and Rex, on your latest addition! Can't wait to meet him!

"Since people are going to be living longer and getting older, they'll just have to learn how to be babies longer." - Andy Warhol


  1. Those pictures are absolutely adorable.

  2. My sister-friend is pregnant and due in early June. I was talking with her last week saying that I would be in town (Seattle) in May and if she could just work on having her baby on my birthday (this week), that would be great. She tried to explain that it didn't work that way--you can't just wish for a kid to pop out when you want.

    BAH HA! Who is laughing now? She called me while in labor telling me that I'm a jerk and this is all my fault. I have a new nephew as of yesterday evening.

    It seems that babies have been coming in waves in my life. Around the time you had Em, I knew no less than 5 people also having kids. Now, I know a bunch who are due soon(ish).

  3. That's so great when friendships come full circle like that. One of my best friends (we met in 7th grade) has a son about a year older than Rowan, and the two of them are coming to Seattle this summer to visit, and I just can't wait for the two boys to hang out.

  4. :-) I love the last picture!

  5. That last photo of Rex's hand on Em's shoulder slays me.

  6. The pics of the kids looking out the glass door is absolutely precious. Such tender moments. So glad you had a chance to visit your BFF.

  7. What a sweet post. They really do look like family in that baby jogger picture. Too precious.

  8. oh man, those two look straight out of those hallmark cards!! Seriously you should make that picture their save-the-date someday :) :)

  9. Anonymous11:52 PM

    They are so precious and beautiful! I love these kids! And I especially love the last pic! Julie Q has a great idea! Love, Rex's Nana

  10. Such a sweet post! :) I love those pictures of them in the doorway.