Friday, July 09, 2010


I know you've all been waiting with bated breath to find out what I've been up to since I haven't been blogging much.

Last month we decided it was time for Em to ditch her pacifier. I was hesitant to give her a pacifier in the first place, but we decided that we'd much rather have to ween from that than a thumb. She only used it during naps and bedtime, but our pediatrician had told us that it only gets harder to ween the older they get. (Having said that, I have had other friends whose kiddos were fine giving up their pacis when they were older.) We were also worried about potential harm on her teeth.

The first night was rough, particularly because it coincided with Em's newfound ability to yell, "Moooommmmy! Mooommmmy!" from her crib. But naps the next day weren't bad at all, and that following night was surprisingly short -- and no complaints since. Well, no more toddler complaints than usual. Maybe we were more dependent on the paci than she was.


A couple weeks ago I was invited to a tasting event at Soleil, a French-Canadian cafe. That night it was all about a new addition to Soleil's menu, called poutine.


My arteries were probably a little harder than when I arrived, but it was worth it.

A few nights later, we celebrated my in-laws' 40th wedding anniversary at Bouchon in Beverly Hills.

Our Bouchon meal

The food and company 'twas amazing, but the highlight was when the waiter came back and whispered to my father-in-law, "Um....sir, I don't think this is a real card."


My father-in-law had accidentally cut up the card he *meant* to bring. Oops! (Don't worry - he had another card to use.)


Last week Em got sick, and then Brent started to feel ill, too.

I'm smiling because it was a rare moment when Em set aside her independent spirit and was all about the cuddling.

She was still not 100% when the 4th rolled around, so we were low-key. We caught a small parade here in Santa Monica that morning. Although I've been in dozens of parades myself -- woo hoo, band geeks! -- it was Em's first, and I think the first that Brent and I have ever seen together.

Marching band!

You're a grand ol' flag

The first thing Em did when the parade ended was run out into the blocked-off street and dance. Even a fever and runny nose can't keep our gal down.

Em is fairly recovered from whatever virus she had, save for a yucky cough and snot for days. Brent is recovered, but wouldn't you know that I went to bed Tuesday night with the start of something, and woke up the next day with a full-on something. Feeling mostly better, but I'm ready for this house to be healthy again, especially since tomorrow is my 33rd birthday!

"Darn it, Debbie! You are not going to spoil my visit to Disney World! Now, I didn't say anything at 'It's a Small World' when you went on about low birth weight in babies or during the fireworks when you started talking about Feline AIDS..." - Lindsay Lohan on SNL


  1. Oh, we are DEFINITELY more dependent on the paci than Rowan is. He doesn't use it at daycare AT ALL, not even for naps, but he really seems to need it to settle in and relax when at home. Also, he's such a chatterbox, sometimes it's the only thing that will keep him quiet! But yeah, the dentist said he should be weaned as soon as possible, but I think what she meant is, WE need to be weaned as soon as possible. Oy.

    Happy Birthday, dear!

  2. Dying at the fake card.

    Like crying.

    Good service. So polite.

  3. Ha the fake card is hilarious. Glad to hear what you've been up to - hope you start feeling better and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  4. SO funny about the credit card! The parade looks like it was a good time and I hope you feel better soon.

  5. Hey! Happy Birthday, Nanette!


  6. The fake card story is hilarious. I'm so jealous that you got to go to Bouchon!

  7. I just recently had poutine at Soliel a couple weeks ago, for Canada Day. I love poutine! Definitely not the healthiest dish, but sure it yummy! Plus, Soliel is just around the corner from my office.

  8. Happy birthday!!

    (and I am laughing out loud about the "fake" card!)

  9. add me to the list of fake card fans. I snorted so hard that the bean looked over and said " what's silly, mommy?"

  10. We just had brunch at Bouchon this weekend and it was really good. The card story is hilarious!