Thursday, November 04, 2010


Brent and I decided it was time for a big vacation with Em. We wanted to go somewhere we could just relax and unwind, and our honeymoon destination, Hawaii, seemed like the perfect place.

Before we started making plans and deciding exactly which island to visit, my in-laws invited us to join them on a trip to the Big Island. My father-in-law was attending a big law conference at a swanky resort on the west side of the island. The conference meant amazing room rates and they offered to watch Em a couple times on our trip. They didn't have to ask us twice.

So late last month we packed our swimsuits, boarded a plane and said "aloha" to the gorgeous Big Island for five nights/six days.

Check out the view from our room.


The resort is known for its sea turtle population.

We spent most of our vacation at the resort, lounging at the pool and private beach.

At the pool -- that's Brent & Em in the water.


Em lounging.

As strange as this sounds, we live a few blocks from the beach, but we've never actually taken Em into the ocean. We've strolled the beach path with her, and she's played nearby, but we've never taken a beach excursion. On gorgeous days when we'd theoretically want to take her to the beach, half of Southern California feels the same way. As a result, we usually end up at my in-laws' house, in their private pool with no sand to deal with.

I suppose that if someone's going to take their first steps into the ocean, it might as well be somewhere stunning like this.



She LOVED it.

When we weren't lounging by the pool or beach, we explored the resort. I promise they were having fun here -- I just adore the similar looks on their faces.




We did eventually explore the island a bit.

Em got some great recs from the concierge.

And we were ready to go!

We made the trek to the Waipio Valley lookout. 'Twas stunning.

Overall, we were able to relax and soak up the sun. There were a few hiccups, though. Em had a rough time on the flights. She couldn't soothe herself to sleep in her seat, particularly on the red-eye flight back.

There was also one night at the hotel where she woke up, screaming from what we think was a night terror. She awoke, screaming solidly for more than an hour and a half, her eyes glazed over and seemingly no recognizing Brent nor myself. Then she screamed off and on for another hour. We were surprised that the resort's management didn't call to complain. Em eventually calmed down, thankfully. (Dr. Google told us that her outburst was likely a result of being overtired -- she'd only had a catnap that day.)

Despite those hiccups, we had an amazing time! Many thanks to my in-laws for making it possible!


I'd like to go back now, please.

"No man needs a vacation so much as the man who has just had one." - Elbert Hubbard


  1. Wow! So amazing! So lucky! I've never been in the ocean here either. (Okay, I briefly put a toe in ~15 years ago, in July, but it was too cold!) I've only been in the Pacific in Hawaii. Much warmer and cleaner!

  2. looks so beautiful. Am totally jealous :)

    P.s. How was that book you were reading? "One Day"...I was thinking of picking it up last week.

  3. Beautiful pictures. Beautiful Em. :)

  4. Just gorgeous... what a fantastic trip!!

  5. Ahh, there is nothing like Hawaii!! Looks like you guys had a great time.

  6. Oh yeah. Looks amazing. I think you're crazy for living blocks from a beach and never taking her there! :) Claire would LOVE that!

    Sorry about the screaming, but thanks for admitting the trip wasn't perfect. Makes me feel better about my life. ;)

  7. Awesome vacation! I love love love the pic of you and Em! So freaking cute!

  8. Glad to hear your vacay was so lovely. We are contemplating taking T to Hawaii post-Thanksgiving as well, but not sure all the stars will align for it this year.

  9. What a fantastic vaca! Love it, and love the pics of Em!

  10. aw, looks like such a fun trip, love the pics.

    also i could not agree with that quote at the end more, haha.

  11. What a nice vacation! YOu're so lucky to have great inlaws too. Also, Em is one of the prettiest babies I have ever seen. And I totally wouldn't say that unless I meant it.

  12. I seriously need to get to Hawaii. It's so gorgeous. Every travel recap I read about it makes me want to hop a plane!

    I'm glad you all had a great time.

  13. Jealous.

    Also, we never ever go to The Beach, either. And we live even closer than you. I rather go to a pool, too.


  14. I've never been to Hawaii so I am oozing jealousy right now.

    And Em is so cute! I love that pic of her and Brent standing with their feet in the water. Frame that!

  15. Looks and sounds amazing! I know we just back from Europe but boy was that tiring! I'd love have your vacation now just to unwind! Love Em's beach attire...she's such the little fashionista!