Sunday, November 14, 2010

Bite me

This morning -- after Em awoke at 7, instead of 4:30 -- we decided to finally try Bite Bar and Bakery, a new-ish nearby restaurant.

We arrived shortly after it opened, and we were surprised to see that we were the only patrons there. That was the case during our entire meal, which is strange but actually makes dining with Em easier. There's no one else to be bother by her toddler antics!

Brent and I were both eyeing the same dishes, so we ordered them both to share.

Seasonal Pancakes - Pumpkin pancakes with real maple syrup, brown butter cream cheese frosting, whipped cream and candied pecans.
Pumpkin pancakes with real maple syrup, brown butter cream cheese frosting, whipped cream and candied pecan

They scored points with Brent right away for having real maple syrup. (Remember this?) The pancakes were tasty and the pumpkin was subtle. I didn't use much of the brown butter cream cheese, but the little I tasted was yummy.

Crispy French Toast - Topped with strawberries and a side of vanilla mascarpone-crème fraiche and rosemary maple syrup

This was delicious, but I didn't realize until just now that the mascarpone wasn't a big ol' side of butter. Had I known, I would've eaten much more of it. Oh well. The french toast itself was out of this world! It was like a fancy churro -- can't go wrong with that! The maple syrup was perfect, too.

We ordered a side of fruit, mainly for Em. Sadly, everything but the pineapple was mealy. It didn't seem fresh cut, but more like too-old leftovers.


The service was great, even more so than what one would expect as the only patrons there. Our waitress brought over a cranberry oatmeal cookie for us to try before our food arrived. It was tasty and not dry at all.

I'm looking forward to return visits, particularly for more of the amazing baked goods available. Lavender shortbread? Chocolate croissant bread pudding? Homemade oreo whoopie pies? YES, PLEASE!

As it happens, my in-laws ate there yesterday. Like our visit, they were the only patrons the entire time -- and they were there at 10, later than we were. I hope the word gets out about Bite. I think it's a much-needed addition to the westside, and it'd be a shame to see it go.

"Michael was having brunch with Sally Sitwell at a restaurant called Skip Church's Bistro. In addition to brunch, the restaurant was known for an item on the menu called the 'Skip's Scramble,' an omelet that contained everything on the menu. Do not order the Skip's Scramble." - Arrest Development


  1. Er, sounds like it won't be around for long.
    I only eat real maple syrup too. The fake stuff tastes like crap.

  2. That french toast looks so yummy!

  3. Um... YUM! They both look amazing!

  4. Nom nom nom. They both look delicious.

  5. OMG. So taking Sean there on Sunday! The french toast looks incredible... and I love love love new breakfast places.