Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Can you see just like a child?

I was over the moon when I secured two tickets for last week's Stone Temple Pilots concert at the Nokia theater. Since Brent didn't want to join me for what would've been our fourth time seeing them, I was excited that my online pal Kelli was eager to go with me.

We ate at nearby The Farm of Beverly Hills, where I got to try out the futuristic Dyson hand dryer. Have I mentioned that marketers love me? I'm such a sucker.

After dinner we headed to the theater. It was shortly after the doors opened. We got in, got our wristbands and headed to our section.

Oh, did I mention that we had PIT TICKETS?

We arrived early enough to secure a spot IN THE FRONT ROW!

Sorry for the yelling -- I'm still in disbelief myself.


I was a little hesitant because we were off to the side a bit, but when the band his the stage, my worries vanished.

We were right in front of STP bassist, Robert DeLeo. Check out exactly how close we were at one point, and keep in mind that my camera's video doesn't have a zoom.

So close!

During one of the songs, Robert came over to high-five us!

Here are Kelli and I, and the red-shirted security guy who ended up in a lot of our pics. Despite his sour look, he was pleasant. We joked that we wanted to tag him in our Facebook pics, and he laughed. "I don't do the Facebook." (Yes, he said "the" Facebook. He probably uses "the Google," too.)
Front row

We snapped quite a few pics of Robert, given his proximity. Scott Weiland, the band's lead singer and resident bad-boy hottie, ran over to sing right in front of us throughout the show, but he was too fast most of the time for us to get a pic.

You're too far, Scott!

Pssst, Scott!

Come back!
Scott & his megaphone

My phone battery was on its last legs, flashing warnings and threatening to die. I prayed to the Concert Gods that Scott would come back and stand still long enough for me to get a photo memento.


He's still a skinny little thing, and he still does his wiry dances. He looked mighty fine in his dress pants, button-up shirt and vest.

The Concert Gods answered my prayers and then some when Scott ran over to us at the end of the show for a high-five! My right hand touched a musical genius, y'all! A front row view and TWO high-fives from one of my all-time favorite groups?

I. Could. Die.

Beyond the close encounters and stellar view, the performance itself was amazing. They focused on many of their greater hits, along with a few of their newer songs.

Here's the set list for my fellow STP fans:
Wicked Garden
Heaven and Hot Rods
Between the Lines
Hickory Dichotomy
Big Empty
Dancing Days
Silvergun Superman
Interstate Love Song

Dead and Bloated
Trippin' on a Paper Heart

The last time we saw them, at the Hollywood Bowl in 2008 when I was pregnant with Em, one of my favorite moments was the at the end when Scott's kids ran out for big hugs. This time the band members ended with a wave to the audience and all of their kids, probably ranging from 18-months to 10. This was after Scott's son, Noah (10-years-old, I think) came out, similarly dressed to his dad, and did the megaphone intro for Dead and Bloated. Rocker dads are the best!

It was one of the more amazing concerts I can remember, and it'll be the kind of thing I tell Em (and hopefully Em's kids) about some day.

"You can't swallow what I'm thinkin'." - Dead and Bloated, Stone Temple Pilots


  1. OMG! You're so lucky! That sounds like such an amazing experience.

  2. OMG, how I have missed your blogging on a regular basis...please keep it up after November :-) I'm loving it and we are only 3 days into November!

  3. I wish I lived near you so we could hang out!

    I remember rocking out to STP years ago (I don't listen to them much these days) but can totally appreciate the awesomeness of TOUCHING a musician you admire!