Monday, November 15, 2010

Little lady in red

Shopping for little girls is so much fun. Admittedly, it can be a little too much fun if one's not careful.

Check out her latest additions. So cute that I had to share.

Red coat from Old Navy - I have a feeling that her hoodies may not be enough for this fall/winter. She won't need it often, but she'll be super cute when she does.
Hooded vest from Old Navy - She got an adorable puffy white vest for her birthday, but I'm a little scared to send her to daycare in it. So we picked this one up. It's perfect for days where the coat would be too much but a hoodie might not be enough. Or something like that.

Tiered tulle skirt from Baby Gap - I had a hard time deciding what color to pick up. They're all SO CUTE. I figured it'd be particularly festive in red on Christmas day.

Striped bear bottom tights from Baby Gap - She just might have to wear these with the skirt above.
I'm fortunate that Em just goes along with most of her mother's wardrobe choices, although I do look forward to the wacky outfits she might put together when eventually left to her own devices.

"It was a weird day. I accidentally cross-dressed."
- Michael, The Office


  1. I <3 the red coat! Can't wait to see Em wearing those clothes.

  2. i love those tights! and that red tulle skirt is so adorable! i bought elsie the baby version with the leggings that have pads in the knees and the puffy tulle skirt :) girl clothes are pretty darn fun to buy :) can't wait to see pics of em in her new digs!

  3. little girl clothing is so unbelievably adorable!

  4. ohmygod she is going to be the cutest most stylish kid on the block (i mean she already is but this will just help her image, haha)

  5. yayyyyy for little girl clothes!! I can't wait to buy more and more and more outfits :) love the jacket

  6. Em has better clothes than I do. True story. I can't wait to see her in the red skirt!

  7. cutest combo ever. i thought i didn't want a girl ever, but then when i see things like this... i want a girl.

  8. Okay. This post officially wishes I had a daughter too. Yes, it's fun to dress boys. But striped tights and tutus. Come on.