Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sanrio snapshots

There's a 10-day pop-up event in Los Angeles to celebrate Sanrio's 50th anniversary. Sanrio -- ya know, the geniuses behind Hello Kitty!

I went Monday afternoon with fellow Hello Kitty-ophiles, Jenny, Lilcee and their girls, and left Em at home. I wasn't sure how kid-friendly it'd be, and since it's not far from me, I figured I'd come back with Em later this week.

I took Em this afternoon for a fun mommy/daughter outing. She's a budding fan of Hello Kitty, or as she says, "Keety!"

I'll let the pics do most of the talking.

The entrance.

Giant character balloons

On the mini-golf course
In the golf course

Lilcee & her gal. Lilcee is HARDCORE -- she brought those headbands to the event!
Cee & Lei

When I tried to take a photo of Em next to that same set today, she damn near PULLED IT DOWN! Oops.
Photo oops

She did much better at the other photo areas.
Ice cream truck

Nom nom


They had Sanrio stuff available for sale, including this scarf. I didn't see the exact price, but from far away I think the tag said at least $100. That doesn't stop me from wanting to take that scarf behind the middle school and getting it pregnant. (30 Rock, anyone?)

Em & I in a Hello Kitty smart car. I'm going to save my pennies so I can get this for her in 14 years.
HK car

The event featured some carnival-style games, including a few that were perfect for Em. All the games included a guaranteed prize, depending on your level of success/chance.

Em proudly with her prize after spinning the wheel
Spin the wheel

Ball toss

Tuxedosam Bowtie Bounce -- aka Sanrio PLINKO! (Everyone's favorite Price is Right game, no?)
Sanrio plinko!

I took Em on the tiny ferris wheel, which I thought might freak her out. She handled it like a pro, though. That shouldn't surprise me -- when we took off/landed on our Hawaii trip, she laughed maniacally at the thrill of the plane's speed.
Ferris wheel

On the ferris wheel

She was intrigued by the Badmtemaru mascot, but refused to take a picture with it. "Oh, NO!" she replied when coaxed.

She was a bit more willing to snap a pic with me, thankfully.
Em & Mommy

I imagine that here she's thinking, "Mommy, that was A-MAZING."
On a bench

If you're in the area, the event runs through Sunday. Admission is free, the games aren't, and parking was $10. If you're not in the area, maybe the tour is headed to a town near you!

"You hypocrite! Miss 'grown-ups don't play with toys!' If I went into your apartment right now, would I not find Beanie Babies? Are you not an acquirer of Care Bears and My Little Ponies? And just who is that Japanese feline on your shorts? Hello, Hello Kitty!"
- Sheldon, Big Bang Theory


  1. The scarf is custom hand knit. $250

  2. Squeeee! I can't wait to go!

  3. yay! so glad you ended up taking Em. I wish we were all there w/ the three girls. Would have been fun.

    Looks like Em had a blast.

  4. did you NOT see my update? :P i went on Saturday when the whole thing just opened, and it was chaotic.

  5. I'm completely convinced this wasn't a real event. This is what I've always imagined the inside of Nanette's head looks like.

  6. I'm not the biggest Hello Kitty/Sanrio fan but I can imagine how much fun you guys must have had. I am loving Em's sweatshirt though ;o)

  7. oh how i used to love sanrio, the wallets, the stickers, memories!

    love this pop up idea, looks like so much fun.

  8. I seriously need that HK smart car now. It's so adorable!

  9. I have a soft spot in my heart for Hello Kitty and if this was actually coming to my town - I'd TOTALLY go (despite not having a kid to take to it).

  10. I'm so, so, so, so sad I missed this. : (

    I don't do scarves, but that custom one has Coro Coro Kuririn, the Sanrio hamster character that is hard to find in the U.S.

    *sad trombone*