Friday, November 05, 2010

Tweet, tweet

The back story: My friend, Tori, introduced me to the amazing music of Julian Velard back in 2006. We caught him live at a tiny venue, and it was such a great show. We've spent the past four years eagerly awaiting his return. I've even chatted with him a time or two on Twitter.

This week he announced that he'd be back in LA next month. So I did what any devoted fangirl would do and warned him via Twitter:

Me & JV

These are the kinds of things that make my day week.

I, um, may have also made an early request for my favorite song of his.

You may appreciate some great covers he did of Madonna, Kings of Leon and Katy Perry.

The internet makes being a groupie so much fun, y'all!

"Music is the wine that fills the cup of silence." - Robert Fripp


  1. Oh how I wish I could provide the link that shows how oh so true this post is. Way to fangirl! Squee!

  2. So excited for the show! I think my favorite cover is his one of Michael Jackson's "The Way You Make Me Feel."

  3. I have no idea who they are but I'm excited for you. Therefore I shall squee for you. SQUEE!
    P.S: My capcha is "azzesse" asses? lol.