Friday, December 31, 2010

Holiday recap

It's been a busy week, celebrating the holiday all across California on our biggest road trip with Em.

After spending Christmas Eve here in Los Angeles with my in-laws, Santa paid Em a visit.
Christmas Eve

I don't know who was more excited Christmas morning -- me or Em. She adores opening gifts, loves identifying Santa (even if she was too scared for the annual mall visit), and finds such excitement in the little things. Holidays really are amazing through a child's eyes.

Em loved everything, of course.
Our artiste
In addition to the big 2-sided easel you see above, she received more Play-Doh, sidewalk chalk, hand puppets, an alphabet magnet set, a new Magnadoodle, an Aquadoodle, crayons, amongst other things. Santa was pretty good to me and Brent, too. I got more TOMS wedges, a Hello Kitty zombie throw (softest thing ever) and a remote for our DSLR in the hopes that we can take more pics of the three of us.

Obviously, Christmas is more than gifts. We look forward to time with friends and family, too. That afternoon we headed up north to see my mom.

It was a quick visit -- just one night -- as we had a couple more destinations and given that my mom is coming for a girls-only visit while Brent is traveling for work next week. We enjoyed the short time we celebrated with her, and now Brent and I are the proud owners of matching leopard Snuggies.

My mom is the proud owner of a calendar we made for the grandparents.

I have to share this photo of the three of us, even if my mom and I are all squinty.
I want YOU

Sunday we headed up to Northern California to visit Brent's family in Walnut Creek. I love Brent's family, and one of his cousins has kids, ages 2, 4 and 6. We've all been looking forward to seeing them with Em again.

They played with a seesaw from Santa.

They enjoyed dining together.

And they watched Toy Story.

Tuesday we left to visit some friends in San Jose. On our way, we visited the Children's Discovery Museum.

As we drove up, Em spotted the giant inflatable duck on the roof. When she posed for this pic, she was yelling, "Duckie! Airplane! DUCKIE! AIRPLANE!" The scene was one Yo Gabba Gabba cast member short of her mind exploding.
It's a bird! It's a plane!

Once inside, Em fell in love with exhibit after exhibit.


There was a special Bob the Builder section. While Em isn't familiar with his body of work, she had fun exploring.
Bob the Builder exhibit

Bob the Builder exhibit

(I promise -- she had fun, despite her lack of smile here.)
Bob the Builder exhibit

We got there shortly after it opened, and by the time we left it was wall-to-wall kids.

That afternoon we visited Matt & Nicole. We hadn't seen their new house yet, where they regularly host fun parties for their friends, including a recent elf-themed party. Em looooved the disco ball they had yet to take down.

Dance party!

After a night there, it was time to make the 6-hour drive back home. Em was such a good girl during the trip, and she did surprisingly well in the car.
On the way to Grandma's

As this post is my last entry for 2010, it seems apropos to tell you all that I won't be concluding posts with related quotes anymore. After six and a half years of blogging, I feel like I've exhausted my resources. You might see them pop up as a post title if I happen upon one that I just can't resist.

With that, I wish you all a Happy New Year!


  1. You were so close to us! We're in the next town over from Walnut Creek. I'm sure you were busy, but hopefully we can meet up one of these times!

  2. Happy New Year Nanette!! Can't wait to see you and eat mochi! - mary the food librarian

  3. I always wondered how you managed to come with an appropriate quote all these years. Impressive feat! Happy new year!

  4. Santa brought a see saw?!? That kids must've been super good all year long. :) happy new year!!

  5. Santa was really good to all of you! I am impressed with Em on the 6 hour car drive. I don't think Rex would do so good and I am sure Wyatt wouldn't. I really wish that museum was close to here- I think I, I mean Rex, would have so much fun. And I think we need to put that easel on Rex's birthday wish list...

  6. I love Em's pigtails! That picture of her and the other kids eating together is so cute. Also, I love her cupcake pajamas. I wish they come in my size.

  7. aw looks like such a fun time, love all of the pictures. and i couldn't agree more, the holidays through a kid's perspective is the absolute best!

  8. Sounds like you guys had quite the fun holiday season. If you haven't been already, can I suggest taking Em to the new Ecosystems exhibit at the CA Science Center in downtown? We got to go on opening night during last year's gala and OMG, it's amazing! Jim and I had a blast, but it's heavily designed for kids. I think she'd love it (as would you and Brent).