Friday, January 14, 2011

At 27 months

She loves her rainboots as can pull them on herself.


She does wind sprints between me and Brent to give us hugs.

She asks, "What you doing, Mommy?" "Where'd it go?" "What happened?"

She pretends that we hide things in her ears.

She enjoys creating new dance moves during our nightly bedtime dance parties.

She'll eat her weight in clementines & Trader Joe's roasted seaweed.

She can rock the overalls.

She's branched out from Yo Gabba Gabba & Fresh Beat Band to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

She's a Gymbo the Clown groupie.

She tells stories of ducks swimming and dolls dancing.

She recounts good-bye hugs and kisses she gave Daddy and Grandma and Grandpa long after we've left.

She can spot a sliver of the moon in daytime sky.

She asks to wear her sunglasses at night & into restaurants, where the wait staff giggles as they serve plates of pasta to "the actress."

She adores sushi -- yes, the raw stuff.

She asks, when she sees you eating something, "Is it yummy? Do you like it???"

She pops out of nowhere with a ball in hand, screaming, "CATCH!"



  1. Em is one cool kid. I can see why the wait staff thinks she's adorable.

  2. Love the "Catch" story :o) And maybe she also likes the rainboots because they are so adorable! I think I'd want to wear them all the time if I had them.

  3. Awwww! Too adorable!

  4. Anonymous4:33 AM

    Madison loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and because we are so tired of watching the same ones over and over again we actually had to go buy a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse DVD. The first thing she wants in the morning and as soon as we get home after work/school is "Mouse, Mouse" :-)

    Andrea in VA

  5. OMG. She likes sushi! She's perfect.

  6. What a sweet post. :)

  7. Good stuff to remember! :)

  8. Anonymous6:20 PM

    "Seaweed" must be a genetic asian trait. We took Lily to Lucille's BBQ the other day and got her a side of rice and she asked where the seaweed was. Tim was so proud of his quarter Japanese daughter.