Monday, January 24, 2011

Bend it like Beck-Em

On a whim, I signed Em up for a toddler soccer class designed for 2-3-year-olds. The class description said it was low-key, and it's a fun weekend activity for us to do as a family. Brent grew up playing soccer, and we're both looking forward to the day she joins a kid league of her own.

Em is usually so focused in all the group toddler classes we've taken. She adores the teachers and hangs onto their every word.

But you know what a toddler soccer class at a nearby park doesn't have that those other classes do?


You know what a toddler soccer class at a nearby park does have that those other classes don't?


Her first class started off well enough. She took her place on the colored dot the instructor had thrown onto the grass. She dribbled her ball with her feet to the nets across the way, all the while yelling, "KICK!" with each move. (The yelling was her own thing, not something taught in the class.) It was adorable.

Then she spotted the swings and took off. It was like that scene in Forrest Gump where he makes the touchdown but just keeps on running.

We chased after her and let her play on a swing for a minute before trying to convince her to rejoin class. She went back, but like a vampire who's had its first taste of blood, she wanted MORE! MORE SWING! Screw the class!

We didn't want to pressure her to do an activity she didn't want to do, so we eventually gave in and hoped she'd be more into class the second time.

At this weekend's class, she started ok.


Then she spotted the playground and planned her escape.

Here's where she spent most of soccer class. That couple behind her on the bench? Another set of parents whose tot was more into sand than soccer.

Let's put things in perspective.

Brent's hoping he might be able to talk the instructors into moving the class a little further from the playground, although they had mentioned that they're used to kids losing interest. 'Tis the age, ya know?

It's interesting to see the difference amongst the age ranges. The younger 2-year-olds, like Em and the other classmate at the playground, were much less engaged than the older 2- and 3-year-olds. Our friends, Cat & Adi, enrolled their daughter in the class, too. She's six months older than Em, and she was definitely more focused on the games and instructions.

We'll keep at it, though, through the remaining six classes. Maybe Em will come around, and maybe not. We'll be fine either way, as long as she's happy, whether it be on the field, on the playground or at post-class brunch.



  1. Good lord.

  2. Money well spent IMO. =)

  3. Emerson loves soccer and kicks anything around the house screaming SOCCCCCEEERRRRR! When i saw the first bit of this post I was so excited.

    But then Emerson is like your Em, she would totally lose interest if there is a swing in the vicinity. Or a slide, or bleachers to climb on, or a doggie, or flowers, or birds in the sky...

  4. hahahahhahhahahhhaahhahaha!

  5. Can you get there half an hour earlier to play on the swings? Maybe she'll get it out of her system before class starts. Or not.

  6. Awesome! Addie starts Soccer next Saturday. They require the 2-3 year old tots to wear shin guards though?!

    I'm unfamiliar with the park where our classes will be held, but I'm hoping there's not a playground near by. LOL She seems to be pretty into playing soccer with Daddy these days, so I hope it won't be a big distraction.

    Good luck! :) Have you thought of enrolling her in gymnastics? Addie has been going for over a year and she loves it!

  7. they need fake walls put up! :) too cute though.

  8. I can't beat JustJenn's comment. HA!

  9. lol, that is sooo cute! I can imagine her planning her escape.

    My Pooh loves soccer but I think he'd prefer the swings any day. =)

  10. haha that is adorable, my little brother was so the same way. maybe try the indoor soccer, aka shuffle ball. funniest thing i've ever seen.

  11. Well duh, the swing is obviously way more fun than soccer. Good choice, Em.

    -- your anti-sports friend

  12. hahaha! I love it and sometimes think I have the mentality of a toddler (I'm easily distracted).

    Em is too cute!

  13. There's a kid in Claire's 3-4 year-old ballet class who is clearly in her 2's. She's small and doesn't listen AT ALL. I'm hoping she'll catch on or they'll put her in an age-appropriate class. Funny though!

  14. That is just too funny!