Sunday, February 27, 2011

Steppin' Out Saturday -- 2-26-11

Steppin' out


And an extra sneezy outtake

Dress & boots, Old Navy

Sweater & leggings, Pumpkin Patch
Shirt, Baby Gap
Boots, Payless

This is the cream version of the grey dress I wore not long ago. I tried to wear a belt over the dress, but I couldn't get it to look right. It looked too much like a corseted pirate wench costume, but I bet with the right belt/placement/looseness, it'd work. And in this color, the dress doesn't seem as maternity-ish as the grey did.

As you can see, if I like an article of clothing, I like picking up other colors when I can. The boots I'm wearing above are the brown versions of the black ones I had last week. They're really baggy around the calves, but I don't mind it. That makes it easy to wear them over jeans, and I think they still work nicely with dresses & skirts.

Saturday we were delighted to celebrate the 1st birthday for our pal, Elsie.

There were party hats.

party hat

Capri Sun.
Capri sun


And cake smashing!

Hope you all had a great Saturday!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Welcome home

When Em hears Brent's keys in the front door, her eyes light up. She yells, "Daddy! Daddy!" and makes a beeline to wrap her arms around his leg or be scooped up as he welcomes her.

After their initial greeting, Em immediately leaves him standing at the door and runs to the other side of our condo. What follows is captured in the video below.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Trip to the "Go see him"

Me: Are you excited for our trip to the museum today?
Em: Yes, go see him!
Me: Not "go see him" -- the MUSEUM.
Em: No! Go see him!
Me: Museum!
Em: Go see him!

Los Angeles is a huge city, yet it doesn't have a true Children's Museum in operation (that I know of). There are still plenty of non-children's museums, like the California Science Center that we visited today.

She doesn't care what buttons do as long as she's able to push, push, push them.
Pushing buttons

She got up close with a turtle and a non-pictured lizard.
Turtle, turtle

She did not enjoy seeing the packrats.

Her favorite part of the entire morning was the aquarium area.

Tank tunnel

With Daddy



I see a trip to the Aquarium of the Pacific in our near future.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Steppin' Out Saturday -- 2-20-11

You might get a bonus Steppin' Out from me this weekend, but here are Em and me after brunch yesterday morning. Despite our squinting non-smiles, I love this pic for a few reasons. Em was rockin' her sunglasses, and she and I are striking similar squinty poses, complete with our respective "sippy cups."

Em had a certain swagger that morning. She cracked up me, Brent and many bystanders. Crazy girl.

Squinty steppin' out

Jacket, Gap
Shirt, Old Navy
Jeans, Target
Boots, Old Navy
Bag, H&M -- the one real souvenir I brought back from London five years ago

Cardigan and shirt, Old Navy
Leggings, Gymboree
Boots, Payless
Sunglasses, Nordstrom

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Steppin' Out Saturday -- 2-13-11

We spent much of yesterday's shoot like this.
Say what?

We finally snapped a decent pic.
Steppin' Out

Over 'der

Dress, Old Navy
Shoes, TOMS Wedges

Dress, Baby Gap
Sandals, Target

My dress is the one I bought last week. Wearing it out and about, I realized that it can border on maternity-ish, but I still like it a lot. (For the record, I am *not* pregnant.) I think it'll look less like a maternity dress when I lose some more weight, particularly in the boob area.

This week I'll give you a better look at my jewelry. My earrings are from good ol' Claire's, and I got the necklace on super clearance at Old Navy for maybe $2.

In this pic you can see the adorable blue ring I bought from Mrs. Priss' Etsy shop. While her shop is closed for the moment, you can read her tutorial to make your own ring here.

Hope you all had a great weekend!

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Monday, February 07, 2011

Sorta Steppin' Out Saturday -- 2-7-11

After I looked at the pics we took Sunday for our weekly Steppin' Out post, I decided I didn't like the way I looked, nor the outfit I was wearing.

So I cropped myself out of the pic.

Here's Em!
Cardigan, Baby Gap
Shirt, Pants & Boots, Old Navy

I can share, however, what I should've worn. This is a pic I snapped in the dressing room before I bought this dress from Old Navy on Saturday.

I feel like it's so hard to find dresses I like that I might order the cream version today -- it just happens to be 30% off.

Other than my fashion find and fashion failure, it was a nice weekend. Saturday morning my friend Jessica and I visited our friend Marcy and her newborn twin girls.

Squeaky babies with that fresh-baby smell, super soft hair and 20 teeny tiny toes and teeny tiny fingers -- my cup runneth over.

While I was soaking up the twins, Brent and my FIL took Em to her first UCLA basketball game. They were in my FIL's usual seats, so they were easy to spot on the TV.

During halftime, someone approached Brent, noted how cute Em was and asked if they wanted to be the Kimpton Fans of the Week. Brent agreed, so they were featured on the jumbotron and then given a voucher for a free night stay at the local Kimpton hotel, plus a $50 gift certificate to the hotel's restaurant!

Procreation has its privileges, my friends!