Monday, February 07, 2011

Sorta Steppin' Out Saturday -- 2-7-11

After I looked at the pics we took Sunday for our weekly Steppin' Out post, I decided I didn't like the way I looked, nor the outfit I was wearing.

So I cropped myself out of the pic.

Here's Em!
Cardigan, Baby Gap
Shirt, Pants & Boots, Old Navy

I can share, however, what I should've worn. This is a pic I snapped in the dressing room before I bought this dress from Old Navy on Saturday.

I feel like it's so hard to find dresses I like that I might order the cream version today -- it just happens to be 30% off.

Other than my fashion find and fashion failure, it was a nice weekend. Saturday morning my friend Jessica and I visited our friend Marcy and her newborn twin girls.

Squeaky babies with that fresh-baby smell, super soft hair and 20 teeny tiny toes and teeny tiny fingers -- my cup runneth over.

While I was soaking up the twins, Brent and my FIL took Em to her first UCLA basketball game. They were in my FIL's usual seats, so they were easy to spot on the TV.

During halftime, someone approached Brent, noted how cute Em was and asked if they wanted to be the Kimpton Fans of the Week. Brent agreed, so they were featured on the jumbotron and then given a voucher for a free night stay at the local Kimpton hotel, plus a $50 gift certificate to the hotel's restaurant!

Procreation has its privileges, my friends!


  1. Nanette, I can totally tell you have been working that WW! Is that dress a smaller size? Great job! :)

    OMG. Those UCLA seats are fantastic!!! OMG! I'm a double Bruin...undergrad and grad school! Go Bruins! - mary

  2. nice score! with both the cute dress and the free hotel. ;)

  3. Jessica V.8:36 PM

    I made a blog mention - yay! It was awesome to hang with you and, as a witness to what you were wearing on Saturday, I can assure your readers that you looked great!

  4. I love that dress! I clicked on your link to order from Old Navy then I realized it would be really hard to nurse Wyatt in that. Sigh. Now trying to decide if I should order it for later just in case he decides to ever stop breastfeeding.

  5. Oh my. You two are SO adorable! I love love love the dress you found... it reaaaaally makes me excited to get back into normal clothes again, aiiii!

  6. I really like that dress! Yay for Em's cuteness getting you guys free stuff :)

  7. In that first photo your daughter looks very much like Drew Barrymore when she was in ET. Do you think so?