Sunday, February 13, 2011

Steppin' Out Saturday -- 2-13-11

We spent much of yesterday's shoot like this.
Say what?

We finally snapped a decent pic.
Steppin' Out

Over 'der

Dress, Old Navy
Shoes, TOMS Wedges

Dress, Baby Gap
Sandals, Target

My dress is the one I bought last week. Wearing it out and about, I realized that it can border on maternity-ish, but I still like it a lot. (For the record, I am *not* pregnant.) I think it'll look less like a maternity dress when I lose some more weight, particularly in the boob area.

This week I'll give you a better look at my jewelry. My earrings are from good ol' Claire's, and I got the necklace on super clearance at Old Navy for maybe $2.

In this pic you can see the adorable blue ring I bought from Mrs. Priss' Etsy shop. While her shop is closed for the moment, you can read her tutorial to make your own ring here.

Hope you all had a great weekend!


  1. I love these posts. And I love your shoes.

    My suggestion for the dress is to get a thick belt. I think red would look amazing with that grey and just belt it at the empire waist. It would be so cute!

  2. Jamie - That's EXACTLY what I need!

  3. I just got some hand painted Tom shoes! I love them! Cute pics! Visiting from Harpers Happenings!

  4. visiting from the linkup at the haps--love your outfit this week! it's always fun to see what sweet things your little gal is doing in your steppin' out photos :)

  5. Love your outfit! I think you look so fresh and pretty in that dress...and of course I love your shoes! Em's dress is darling! Her hair is getting so long!