Sunday, February 20, 2011

Steppin' Out Saturday -- 2-20-11

You might get a bonus Steppin' Out from me this weekend, but here are Em and me after brunch yesterday morning. Despite our squinting non-smiles, I love this pic for a few reasons. Em was rockin' her sunglasses, and she and I are striking similar squinty poses, complete with our respective "sippy cups."

Em had a certain swagger that morning. She cracked up me, Brent and many bystanders. Crazy girl.

Squinty steppin' out

Jacket, Gap
Shirt, Old Navy
Jeans, Target
Boots, Old Navy
Bag, H&M -- the one real souvenir I brought back from London five years ago

Cardigan and shirt, Old Navy
Leggings, Gymboree
Boots, Payless
Sunglasses, Nordstrom


  1. I think Em gets cuter each and every week! And I love "vacation" bags and clothes...reminds you of good times! :) - mary

  2. You guys look great :)
    My blog name just :)

  3. You are rocking those boots! Em looks like a movie star in those glasses. 8-]

  4. Super cute - you two are a coupla girls on the town.

  5. So cute! I love Em's swag and your adorbs squinty poses!!

  6. She looks like a little movie star in the making :)

  7. I love your similar poses and the sunglasses are great! Almost looks like the paparazzi what after you two! ;)

  8. Ah, London- such a good time we had! I love the boots and it makes me think I need to get some. All I have are ones with big heels or snowboats and I need some cute, flat ones that I can wear more often- ones like yours!