Sunday, February 27, 2011

Steppin' Out Saturday -- 2-26-11

Steppin' out


And an extra sneezy outtake

Dress & boots, Old Navy

Sweater & leggings, Pumpkin Patch
Shirt, Baby Gap
Boots, Payless

This is the cream version of the grey dress I wore not long ago. I tried to wear a belt over the dress, but I couldn't get it to look right. It looked too much like a corseted pirate wench costume, but I bet with the right belt/placement/looseness, it'd work. And in this color, the dress doesn't seem as maternity-ish as the grey did.

As you can see, if I like an article of clothing, I like picking up other colors when I can. The boots I'm wearing above are the brown versions of the black ones I had last week. They're really baggy around the calves, but I don't mind it. That makes it easy to wear them over jeans, and I think they still work nicely with dresses & skirts.

Saturday we were delighted to celebrate the 1st birthday for our pal, Elsie.

There were party hats.

party hat

Capri Sun.
Capri sun


And cake smashing!

Hope you all had a great Saturday!


  1. Em really looks like a little girl in these pictures, not a toddler. So cute.

  2. Em looks TOO cute in that first picture - so much personality! And I agree with you, I think that this color of the dress looks more flattering than the grey. I really like it with the boots.

  3. thanks for stopping by me&mine! I LOVE a good dress and boots you look great!!

    I can thank my mama for that waist lol thank you :)

  4. Did you get the boots recently? Old Navy right? I need a pair of "baggy around the calves" boots because normal boots don't fit my calves.

  5. I, too, like this cream color than the grey color on the dress! I also really like Em's pink sweater. It's a really pretty color.

  6. hooray for party hats and your SUPER cute boots!

  7. It was fun to see in real life the "steppin' out" outfits :) you two are quite the fashionistas :) thanks for coming to elsie's party!!!

  8. Loving your style! I can't wait to wear boots, but with the crazy weather Melbourne (Australia) has been having, I know it won't be long. Love your dress (and your gorgeous munchkin!) xx

  9. Love the sneeze!
    I almost bought that dress this weekend... damn it now I really wish I would have!

  10. That outfit is fab, can't believe it's all from Old Navy!

    And Em is adorable as always, sneeze and all! I know I say this all the time but I love seeing updates with her, it shows me what my Em will look like in a few months!