Sunday, March 13, 2011

Steppin' Out Saturday -- 3-12-11

Time to step out!

Steppin' out

Steppin' out

Top & pants, Old Navy
Shoes, Coach (via a random designer sample sale years ago)
Owl necklace, Forever 21
Bracelet, Gift

Top, Baby Gap
Jeggins, Target's Circo brand
Shoes, Payless

Em's shoes are the latest additions to her wardrobe. I had already decided to buy them, before I noticed that the hearts lit up! Em and I both squealed in delight. They also happen to be the first Disney Princess purchase I've made for her -- that train hasn't hit our house...yet. She knows that they are princesses, but she doesn't know any of their names or stories or get too excited to see them. Regardless, I thought the shoes were super cute, with or without the princesses on the soles. I've also never seen sandals that light up.

The shoes probably weren't the best choice for our Saturday playdate at a children's museum in Pasadena called Kidspace, given that half the exhibits are outside and water/dirt-centric, but we made it work.

Jenny, Pam, Lilcee, Kelly and I had talked about getting our kiddos together for months, so we were thrilled to finally make it a reality!

The electrifying entrance

Planning their toddler escape

Entering, hand in hand in hand
Holding hands


Making it rain!
Make it rain, yo!


Lilcee's lil' gal takes a turn
Water works

Flower power
Flower power

Climbing exhibit - Jenny's Teen was such a doll for guiding Em up and down the numerous levels

Em-sized bridge

Deep thoughts near the stream

Admiring the wildlife
Turtle, turtle

Arts & crafts
Arts & crafts



  1. You look awesome mama!!
    I bought the same type of shoes from payless last summer for the girls- but they were dora. They were so comfortable and never wanted to take them off!

  2. Wow, you've really lost weight! I can see it. You look great. Not that you didn't before, but you know what I mean.

    Occasionally, in a different life, I wish I had a kid; parents always get to do really fun things and have an excuse.

  3. You look great, Nanette.
    I did a book signing event at that museum a while back. It's a fun place! Wonder if they still have any of my books in the store? :)

  4. We had so much fun on Saturday! We will definitely have to do it again when the weather's warmer so we can take advantage of all their water features.

  5. Tedra3:26 PM

    I have that same owl necklace, I got mine at Debs.

  6. You look great! And so thin!

    Of course, Em looks as cute as ever.

  7. Nanette, you look fabulous! Also, that last picture just breaks my heart into a million pieces.

  8. Nanette, you look great!!! And of course, Em is adorable! Those are such cute pics of the kiddos holding hands. So precious!

  9. What an adorable group of kids! And it looks like you guys all had a lot of fun- what a great trip.

  10. Awww they're all so cute!

  11. the shots of the kids holding hand is precious! I also love how her shirt just pops :)