Friday, April 22, 2011

Hair raising

Long-time readers might remember when Em was wee and looked like this:

Probably one of my top five fav pics of her, by the way.

Obviously I thought she was the most adorable little honey bunches of oats, but I anxiously waited for that bald little head of hers to sprout some luscious locks.

I swear, it feels like she went from that to this overnight:

I adore her hair, and I never have to do a thing to it. She just wakes up with these soft, bouncy ringlets. In some light, it looks super red.

She has streaks of natural highlights.

Her hair is loooong. When it's pulled straight down, it's about an inch above her waist.

I can do fun things with it.

Or I can just let it flow.
In her Tiny TOMS

There's no question that I'm jealous. I wish I could take her into my stylist and say, "Do this to ME!" I doubt the Follicle Fairies have enough magic dust to make it happen, sadly.

I took her to a casting yesterday, and they asked if they could cut Em's hair to her shoulders if she booked the shoot. I gave them an emphatic "Noooooo." I wasn't that surprised, given that the casting was for a national haircutting chain, but in my mommy-fied mind, Em is already an "after."

Also, at 2 1/2, Em has yet to have a haircut.

For one, I'm still giddy that she has all this gorgeous hair after being bald for so long. Also, it's not like she has any split ends or styling damage that needs to be cut. I'm also scuuuurrrred that we'll lose those waves! I don't know if we'd lose them all if we cut too much, or if the length is just weighing down other waves higher on her head and I worry for nothing.

Obviously she's going to need her hair cut someday, and in all likelihood, maybe not that long from now. The "what ifs" are lingering in the back of my mind.

Yeah, I know -- these are the silly, first-world problems that keep me up at night.

I love long hair on little girls, but I've also always been a big fan of bobs, like Rebecca's sweet daughter Fable has. (She happens to be just three days older than Em.) It's stylish yet age-appropriate.

I know it's just hair and it'll grow back, but I'm just so smitten with Em's at this very moment.

Maybe it's time for just a trim, which won't make my head explode. That is, until Em freaks out at the sight of the scissors and leaves an Em-shaped dust cloud at the salon.


  1. Her hair is gorgeous!! I don't blame you for wanting it to stay just that way.

  2. omg Nanette, I only hope lil C has luscious locks like Em someday! And when I was a camp councilor, I always envied the natural highlights that girls rock. Am totally bringing that picture to my stylist to get Em's color. hahahaha

    gorgeous pictures by the way! Em's going to be lucky to have all those lovely baby/toddler shots to look at when she's older

  3. HI - I've never commented but have read for sometime and i have to say that the first picture of Em is absolutely adorable. i wouldnt want them to cut her hair either. :) ( okay back to lurking - hehe)

  4. I always love long hair on little girls, it's just so carefree and it does give you more options. She'll be a teenager all too soon and wanting to do crazy things with her hair!

    I never would have let them cut it either. Connor had curly hair like that when he was little too, but as a boy we had to get it cut. And the curls never came back :(

  5. I love Em's hair too! I can't wait until Annmarie's hair grows longer but I doubt she'll have such pretty ringlets like Em. Is it possible for me to be jealous of a child's hair? :-)

  6. Anonymous9:12 AM

    I love Em's hair! Mine looked like that as a kid, except it was darker brown. When my mom cut it, she cut off all of the curls and they stayed gone until I hit puberty. So, if you do cut and they dont come back, they might come back at age 12ish!!

  7. we waited till after the bean's first birthday to cut it, and predictably, it was a bob.

    sometimes i think about doing it again, but i don't think she'd let me.