Sunday, May 15, 2011

Week in pics, w.1

A couple months ago I discovered Amy's blog through the magic of Mandy's Steppin' Out series.

Each week Amy recaps her weekdays with her little guy via photos from her phone camera, and she invites readers to join in the fun. I adore my fancy DSLR camera, but it's too bulky to carry around daily.

I'm excited to share my week with Em, through the window of my phone (and a couple of its apps).

Mon, 5/9 Mon, 5/9 Mon, 5/9
1) Playing "waitress" 2) Cranky post-nap 3) Happy post-nap!

Tues, 5/10 Tuesday, 5/10
1. At the park 2. Fangirling over the Fresh Beat Band

Wed, 5/11 Wed., 5/11
1. Swinging at the beach with Grandma 2. Riding at the Santa Monica Pier

Thur, 5/12 Thur, 5/12
1. Breakfast with Grandma 2. BACON!

Friday, 5/13 Friday, 5/13
Friday, 5/13 Friday, 5/13
1. Checking her email 2. Hot dog, hot dog, hot diggity dog 3. Requesting to pose with Daddy 4. Waving her magic wand at the Disney Store


  1. Fun! If I had a better camera on my phone, I'd totally do this.

  2. My favorite is the cranky post-nap. That's how I feel whenever I wake up.

  3. seriously, she is just the cutest i love it. adore that happy post-nap picture, so precious.

  4. She is so precious! And is it weird that I'm jealous of her hair? FABULOUS.

  5. Oh I'm totally jealous of her hair. Beautiful pics of a beautiful little girl.

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  7. Ah! I remember when you and I first took her to that Disney store! She stood in front of those things forever! I love those mirrors!!

  8. monday #3 makes her look about sixteen years old :/