Monday, July 11, 2011

More than you ever wanted to know about my colon and nose

Hi, Nanette. This is Cedars hospital calling to see how you're feeling after your colonoscopy on Friday.

Oh! Well, I was fine, but as soon as I left the office, my nose started running. I think it was an allergic reaction to the oxygen tube they used, well, not the tube itself but the actual oxygen because I was laying on my left side and that's the nostril that was bothering when I left the office, and it was so bad ALL DAY, and on Saturday, which was the night we were going to celebrate my birthday so I just wanted to feel better. I decided to call the on-call general practioner, and he told me what OTC meds I could take that would be OK with my Zyrtec and Flonase -- those meds weren't helping at all, but the OTC stuff kicked in and it got better. It was so bizarre, but I knew I wasn't alone 'cuz I looked online and found a bunch of folks who'd had the same issues from the oxygen after their colonoscopies, and it was strange because this didn't happen when I got my first colonscopy six years ago.


But I'm OK now!

OK, great! Hope you had a great birthday!


  1. This kinda sounds like me when the doctors office calls me back. The bad thing, I see my doctors everyday because I work with them :)

  2. LMAO!!!! HAHAHA. Oh honey I wouldn't worry about it. I bet they're used to it!