Sunday, July 10, 2011

Steppin' Out - 7-10-11

Steppin' Out



Dress, H&M
Shoes, Coloriffics (from my wedding -- in 2006!)

Romper, Janie & Jack (Thanks, Grandma!)
Shoes, Payless

Sunday was my 34th birthday. Man, I feel old just typing that!

This is what I wore out to our big celebratory dinner Saturday night. It was partially for my birthday and partially a make-up dinner for our 5th wedding anniversary in April that I ended up too sick to celebrate. I was excited to wear the dress that I bought back in March for our anniversary date that wasn't, and I paired it with the shoes that I wore on our wedding day. (P.S., I may be sporting that dress at BlogHer next month, for my fellow attendees.)

Brent and I enjoyed dinner at The Bazaar, while Em hung out at Grandma and Grandpa's. That adorable romper was a gift from Grandma after I fell in love with it recently. Em wasn't in a posing mood, hence the grumpy pic above. She can still it rock it, though, irate or not.

We managed to distract her with a backyard flower at the grandparents' to get a family pic.

Family pic

Sunday we started with a birthday brunch at Bru's Wiffle, a wonderful local waffle joint.
Birthday brunch

We left Em at my in-laws' for the afternoon and caught a matinee of Horrible Bosses, which we enjoyed probably more than expected.

My in-laws presented me with a tiramisu cake, which was delicious, and then we ended my special day with dinner at my favorite sushi place.

All in all, it was a perfect day filled with family and a gazillion lovely birthday wishes from friends. I have a feeling it'll be a great year. How can it not be with these two around?
Birthday sushi


  1. You look hot in that blue dress! Happy birthday!

  2. Love that H&M dress! And that red and white romper Em is wearing is to die for. Glad you had such a nice birthday!!

  3. You look gorgeous, and Em is too freaking cute in the romper. Glad you had a fun weekend!

  4. Both of your outfits are adorable!!

  5. Happy belated birthday! Glad you had a good time- well deserved. :-)

  6. You look amazing in that dress! Happy birthday!

    Of course Em looks amazing in her romper, which is just too cute.

  7. Love love love the dress! Happy belated birthday!

  8. Love your dress and her romper. See you at BlogHer! (P.S. Tell me there will come a day when my girl keeps her bow in her hair??)

  9. i adore your birthday dress, so so cute! seriously h&m rocks my socks off. also love that last pic of em and brent, too precious.

  10. That blue dress is SO pretty on you!

  11. I'm so happy you had such a great day...definitely well-deserved and inspiring!

  12. I *love* that dress you're wearing and I am totally drooling over Em's adorable romper. SEriously. I'm in love with that!

    When AM is old enough, I think I'll have to start this Steppin' Out thing.

  13. Cute dress! I hope we can meet up at BlogHer! :)