Saturday, July 16, 2011

Steppin' Out -- 7-16-11

Steppin' Out


Dress, GAP outlet
Shoes, Old Navy
Bracelet, gift from Brent

Dress & shoes, Old Navy
Headband, Baby GAP

We spent Saturday afternoon at the Eat Real Fest, an event to celebrate local, fresh food. When we told Em that we were going to a food festival, she insisted that it was a Dragon Festival where we'd see her cartoon pal Kai-Lan. She finally got on board with our plan when we assured her that, yes, there would be hot dogs there.

I wasn't planning to wear a dress, but I rediscovered this recent purchase in my closet -- and it's sooo comfortable! While it reminds me that I really need to get fitted for a bra (Allie did a great post about her experience here), I adore this dress.

And the shoes? Oh, the shoes. They were a total clearance steal at Old Navy. I think I paid $12. They were also sooo comfortable when I tried them on at the store and again when I put them on today. I even told Brent before we left for the event, "These things feel like I'm wearing slippers! Love it!"

Fastforward two hours later, though, and it was a different story. They flipped from velvety to torture in a split second. Strange, but true.

Minus the sore feet, the festival was great. Lots of delicious food, and the weather was sublime. She was excited when we found Grandpa and Uncle Tyler.
Eat Real Fest

I also had my first encounter with a complete stranger who recognized me from my blog! (Hi, Lynn!) She was sweet and didn't stab me!

For all you locals, the Fest continues tomorrow. Check it out!

Hope you've all had a great weekend!


  1. Nanette, you are wasting away girl!

  2. LOVE Em's super model pose. This kid has the best smile.

    AND thanks for sharing the bra link. I recently went to VS and was measured. I still wasn't convinced but went with the size anyway. Even though there was boob spillage, I needed a new bra for my dress I was wearing the next day at my bro's wedding.

    I need to find a good bra store that's not plastered w/photos of size 0 chicks sexing it up.

  3. I recently had a bra fitting at Nordstrom, and it was TRANSFORMATIVE. Cannot recommend doing that enough, and investing in a couple of decent-quality bras. Seriously, I wish I'd done it sooner, post-nursing, um ... droop. Clothes FIT and LOOK better, AND I just FEEL so much better, wearing bras that actually fit, don't dig into my shoulders, and give me the support I need. (Also, I was SO surprised to learn my actual size!)

    Good luck!

  4. Nordstrom's is great. I also reccomend a shop on Montana -- my sister and I both had fittings there that were eye-opening to say the least. I think it is Footsie? Anyhow, here is their link. They are very nice. (They are great at Nordstrom, too.)

    BTW, I love your dress.


  5. Look at you, sexy mama! Woot! Love that dress on you!

  6. Em's pose is downright ADORABLE! love it =)

  7. Her pose cracks me up- I love it!