Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Steppin' Out - 7-24-11

This weekend we drove up to San Jose to celebrate at the baby shower of our friends, Matt and Nicole.

Here are Em and I before the party.
Steppin' Out
(Excuse me while I yell at my photographer for not noticing the stray halter straps from my dress over my shoulder.)

Dress, Ross
Shoes, Target

Dress & Hairbows, Gymboree
Shoes, Payless

Then Em and I had a pose-down.

Em won, of course.

We had so much fun at Nicole's shower. Em ADORES Matt and Nicole, and spent the entire drive down talking about them.

Here she is with the mom-to-be.

Em was super excited for cake.
Cake, please!

How cute was Nicole's owl theme? The cake matched the invites!

Other than actual babies at the shower, Em was the youngest kiddo. I was thrilled that despite skipping naptime, she was great. Everyone loved her, and Em gladly accepted a little toy dog from Nicole's mom, who is going to make an AMAZING grandma very soon.

I laughed when Em took the hostesses up on their offer to settle in next to Nicole as she opened gifts.

She enjoyed the chance to check out the gifts up close, too.

We are beyond excited to meet Matt and Nicole's little boy. He's one lucky kid to be born into such an amazing family.


  1. seriously too cute. the pose off cracks me up, em is such a little ham, i love it.

    and the fact that she sat close to the present opening is just adorable. love it.

  2. You look fabulous!!

  3. LOVE these mama/daughter pix, they are awesome! Also that Owl cake is the bomb

  4. 1. You, Nicole and Em all look fabulous!
    2. That owl cake is the coolest baby shower cake ever.
    3. I Love You Through and Through is one of the greatest kid books ever- definitely a favorite around here!