Monday, August 08, 2011

Connect the dots – laa la laa la laa

I'm currently recuperating from a fun-filled long weekend at BlogHer 2011, which started Thursday afternoon for me.

Wednesday night was spent celebrating Brent's 34th birthday.

Before dinner with his family, we presented him with Em's gift.

Inspired by Kelle Hampton, whom I happened to meet at BlogHer and tried to play it cool as we chatted and I gushed over her sweet, sweet baby Nella, I took Em to our local dollar store. We strolled the aisles after instructing her to choose five items to give to Brent for his birthday.

An item would pique her interest momentarily, and when I asked, "Would you like to get that for Daddy?" she'd shake her head and say, "Noooo...."

Eventually there were five items she deemed worthy enough for her daddy's birthday surprise.
Brent's birthday gifts

I couldn't have chosen a more perfect random assortment of items if I tried. And I didn't -- I swear, it was all her.

Of course, when Brent came home after work Wednesday, the first thing Em exclaimed as he walked in the door? "Daddy! We got you a present!"

Kid can't keep a secret.

I explained the present as he opened the package, and he beamed. He loved every bit of it, of course.

Then he opened my gift to him.
It's a print from a local gallery, Gallery 1988, which is currently hosting a Pee-Wee Herman tribute art show called, "I Know You Art, But What Am I?"

If you know my husband at all, you know that it's perfect for him.

I'm not always a great gift-giver, but I think this year Em and I did pretty well.


  1. Did you know I had a Pee Wee Herman-themed 10th birthday party? Yes. Yes I did.

    Now I know why I like you so much.

  2. wow wow wow I just found your blog and I am immediately obsessed. top of my daily reads. your family is precious and that girl of yours is BEAUTIFUL! so glad to find a great new daily read :)


  3. Your gifts are so awesome, quirky and perfect! I feel like such a loser getting Rob a compound miter saw. He loved it but it doesn't score big on the originality or funtime scale. I still have the rest of the day so maybe I we can still do something fun before he gets home from work!

  4. May I please steal this idea for my husband's birthday at the end of next month? LOVE the Dollar Store idea!

    And that is a pretty fab gift you got him!