Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Portland perks

Each day I think, "Gah! I need to blog about our Portland arrival!" But then I get distracted with our rental search, finalizing our condo sale (we accepted an offer and are in escrow! BOO YA!), trying to orient myself in this city, or losing my focus 'cuz I saw something shiny -- usually sharp and pointy and in the hand of our almost-3-year-old running through the expansive halls of our temporary living quarters.

Our flight up here was fairly smooth. Em fell asleep on the plane and would've probably stayed that way if the flight attendant hadn't loudly marveled at the CARES harness Em was wearing. "Oh! That's BRILLIANT! I haven't seen that before!!!"

Despite the madness since our Thursday arrival, it's safe to say that we're enjoying the city and all its offerings.

Some highlights
No sales tax. I'm so giddy each time I pay for something that doesn't cost me an extra 9.25%. (Santa Monica sales tax is one of the highest in the nation.) It makes me so happy when I receive a restaurant bill and see no tax that I find myself a little more generous in the tip department.

Trader Joe's tiny carts. When we first considered moving to Portland, I immediately looked to see if they had Targets and Trader Joe's. I can't imagine myself living somewhere without those! Silly, but true. We made our first visit to a Trader Joe's, and Em and I were both excited to see that they have the kid-sized carts that none of the LA stores seemed to have.

Tiny shopper

Powell's City of Books. This is a city-block sized book store, and the selection and prices are amazing. Brent and I visited when we were here during his recruitment weekend, and we were excited to take Em for her first visit.

The air. It's so crisp. It's so clean. It's like a breath of fresh...air.

The view. We're staying in a swanky apartment building downtown for a few weeks. Shortly after our arrival, Em ran to her bedroom window and set up her toys.

The amenities. Our building includes a small gym, and I've already worked out TWICE. This is particularly huge because I think the last time I was at a gym was my first trimester -- in 2008!

Our building also features a private screening room. Em thought it was the coolest thing in the history of things.

The people. There is a beautiful lack of population, and the people we have encountered are warm and welcoming. We visited Target on Sunday afternoon, and it wasn't nearly the madhouse I'm used to. Also? The shelves are fully stocked -- even with the elusive Missoni stuff!

The hats.


Just kidding. They have those hats at the LA Nordstrom Rack, too, I'm sure.

All in all, we approve of Portland so far!


  1. ooh, a theater all to herself?! :) lucky girl. sometimes i wish there was a gym built into my house, but knowing my laziness, it probably wouldn't make a difference. :p glad to hear portland is going well!

  2. I'm glad that you are liking your new home city. We are having to deal with no Trader Joe's after having one for a year and it's a sad sad thing. It's not silly at all that you looked it up. One of the first things I looked up when we were thinking of moving was Trader joes, Whole Foods and zoos. The only thing Boise has going for it is a zoo. And lots of nice people. The people really make a place.

  3. I love Portland. So glad to hear you guys are loving it, too. Here's to new adventures!

  4. Those airplane harnesses are awesome- Jon and Rachel had one for Lucy when they visited a few years back. Those views are amazing! And I agree, blue skies and fresh air is so wonderful. Glad the move went well and you are enjoying Portland!

  5. Wonderful! I'm so glad you're enjoying it so far. And I'm a little jealous of the theater!

  6. Yay! I love Portland. It has the best restaurants and so much is happening there. The people ARE nice. Soak it all in before the rains take over.

    I'm glad you're enjoying it so far.

  7. Yay for Portland! So glad it's going so well.

  8. glad you guys are enjoying portland so much already. also, i'm with em, the movie theater is like the coolest thing ever, i'm quite jealous.

  9. So glad you're loving your new city. So happy to have you here, hurrah!

  10. Yay! So glad you've felt welcome in PDX. Can't wait to experience Portland through your eyes... September is a great time of year here.

  11. So glad everything is going so good! Yay for new cities, yay for fun!

  12. The carts in Trader Joes are adorable! I agree I could not live anywhere where there wasn't a Target! Your apartment building looks ah-may-zing! I'd want to stay there forever!

  13. i love Powell's bookstore!! it's so exciting to see your new town. can't wait to read more about it