Sunday, October 30, 2011

Breakin', too: Electric Boogaloo

We love Portland. We really do. We love our new neighborhood and our rental home.

But we wonder how much Portland loves us, given the recent hiccups we've encountered since moving in a little over a week ago.

A day and a half after moving in, the brand new fridge that came with our house stopped working. Lights were on but it wasn't getting cold. Our landlord, who is great and accessible as she's just around the corner from us, had it replaced shortly thereafter. Thankfully I hadn't done a large shopping trip yet, so the culinary casualties were minimal.

Then I did our first load of laundry in the washer/dryer. The first load in the dryer never heated up. It just circled the drum for hours in room temp air. It took a day or two for a replacement to be delivered, only to discover that it also wouldn't heat up.

The electricity in our place has a mind of its own. The light switch in Em's room somehow controls the hallway, dining room and bathroom. We realized this around the same time the replacement dryer arrived and didn't work. When I told our landlord that maybe these appliance woes had something to do with the electrical system, she assured me that it couldn't be possible -- the house's entire electrical system was recently redone.

A third dryer arrived yesterday, and as expected, it didn't work. My landlord came over and saw for herself that perhaps it is an electrical issue. Her electrician will check it out tomorrow, hopefully, at the same time he'll check out the wonky stuff going on with Em's light switch.

Oh, but the fun doesn't stop there!

Our TV suddenly shuts off. We thought it was damaged in transit, but now we're not so sure it's not a result of the wonky electrical stuff.

We do know, however, that Brent's car was damaged in transit. There are two dents on the roof of his car that we hadn't seen until we looked down from our rental's balcony. Brent's sunroof won't open as a result.

And today when he went to pick up a few groceries, his car lost all power steering. It's a hybrid, so there's no power steering fluid (or something else technical I don't understand). Not sure what the cause is, but we're having it towed to the shop tomorrow.

Do we have bad mechanical mojo or what?

I know it'll all get smoothed out eventually, but it's hard not to get frustrated when it's one thing after the other.

There are plenty of things I'm loving with our new place, though. We have two fireplaces, and we're cozying up to one as I type this.

At 2.5x the size of our tiny Santa Monica condo, which is officially no longer ours of last week (WOO HOO!), this house feels positively large. We have lots of areas to fill, and I'm enjoying shopping for decor.

Our kitchen is large, and although not outfitted with the stainless steel appliances we had in our condo, they are brand new or updated. That, paired with the expansive counter tops and so much storage space, makes this non-cook want to cook and get back to baking.

Speaking of the kitchen, in an odd twist given that we moved away from Los Angeles, yesterday morning we were visited by a location scout, who wanted to see if we were interested in having a series of commercials for a very well-known brand shot in our kitchen. When I explained that we were renters, he noted that renters/owners typically share the location payment. We mulled it over, decided it could be an interesting experience, and sent a note to our landlord. She's intrigued and wants to chat more tomorrow. So maybe you'll get to see it for yourself someday on TV!

In between waiting for new appliances to get delivered and be wooed by production folks, we have fit in a few excursions. More on that in future posts, though, before this laptop decides to electrocute me.

Wouldn't surprise me if it did.


  1. I'm sure everything will work out soon enough! In the meantime, please don't touch my iphone and laptop.

  2. Sheesh! Crazaaay!
    Hope everything is on the up and up soon! :)

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  4. Wow, sorry to hear about all the appliance problems. Hopefully everything will get ironed out soon. Cool luck though about a possible commercial! My first thought when you said you were moving to Portland is VooDoo Donut. Forgive me that my mind went straight to the donut shop. lol! Have you been there yet?

  5. In the building I manage, there are some wonky electrical things too. I'm like, who did they hire? A monkey? Hopefully it will all get fixed up soon!

  6. yikes. hope everything smooths out soon.

    our current place has some electrical issues, so we have any valuable electronics on power strips. it's helped.

  7. Woah, that's a lot of appliance bad mojo.

    I hope it all gets sorted out soon.

    Did you by chance move into an older home? I'm renting a house built back in the early 50s...and it has its share of quirks and oddities.