Friday, November 04, 2011

Friday Five

1. I'm quickly realizing in this 40-degree weather that all of our wardrobes need some updating. I've talked Brent into getting more sweaters, which he looks great in. After polling my Facebook pals, I picked up this coat for Em. Today I got this Old Navy coat for myself, thinking it was a smoking deal at half-off. However, now I see there's a coupon for an additional 30% off, which will make the deal even hotter. I've beefed up Em's long-sleeve, cozy pants and boots collection, too. Oh, and I just got ice scrapers for our windshields. Never imagined I'd live somewhere that required that.

2. I've eaten way more than my share of Halloween candy this year, and I'm in serious need of a sugar detox kinda thing. Brent and I are starting a clean-eating plan next week. I've been wanting to do it for a while, but I wanted to explore our Portland options without restriction. The time has come, though. I need to stop storing up for winter.

3. My blog needs some updating, and The Paper Mama happens to have a great deal on new blog banners in an effort to raise money for her trip to a blogging conference. Now I just need to decide what sort of new look I want.

4. Em starts preschool next week. We had orientation last week, and she was so sad when we left. We both really like her teacher and the school. The time away will be great for all of us.

5. Em and I both need haircuts. Hers may even happen this weekend, if I can finally talk myself into getting it done. Each time I get close, she seems to wake up with even more gorgeous waves. I'm ready for a bigger change for myself, once I find a new hairstylist.


  1. Love this five!!! I'm currently adding things to my cart in the ON sale!! I'll also probably get a new blog header because I'd love something original and specifically tailored for me! Awesome!

  2. I've eaten way too much candy this year, too. Eeeeek. Can't believe Em is starting pre-school. I can now be one of those old aunties who say "oh I remember when she was still a baby!" :)

  3. i've been eating so much sugar even before the halloween candy influx. ugh.

    also, you may find that ON coats aren't warm enough in cold weather. no mater, layering is the key anyway (i've found wool/cashmere blends to be the warmest and least itchy).

  4. Thank you for the link love mama! And, yes... it's a bit colder here. :)

  5. I've eaten a TON of candy too. What kind of clean eating program are you going to follow?