Friday, November 11, 2011

Friday Five

1. A few people have asked if I started The 17 Day Diet based on the online info I found or if I read the book. I read the book, which I recommend doing if you're considering the plan. It gives a lot of background/rationale for why/how the plan works. I also meant to mention that my friend, Sizzle, introduced me to the plan. She's been chronicling her experience on her site. Her friend, Foodiddy, has also been through a few of the cycles with inspiring results. I'm particularly found of her foodie-inspired recipes for the plan.

2. Em's new favorite movie is Despicable Me. She adores the three little girls in the film, and as a result, she calls the movie "Me Girls." "Mommy, I want Me Girls!"

3. Em's birthday party/our going-away party was nearly two months ago and I have yet to write a single thank-you note! It's awful of me, but I can't find the lists where I wrote who gave us what. GAH.

4. We're slowly but surely getting settled in our rental home, but we haven't made much of a dent in our third bedroom yet. It's become a catch-all place for the stuff that doesn't have a proper place in our other rooms. I thought we'd be all done by now, but it's downstairs while the rest of our living space is upstairs. Out of sight, out of mind. Hoping we can tackle it this weekend.

5. I booked our flights to Los Angeles for Thanksgiving weekend yesterday. I wasn't able to get two or three seats together on one of the return legs back to Portland, but that's OK. I'm sure we can convince someone to switch with one of us as it's less than an hour. Otherwise a stranger can have fun sitting next to Em. "I saw Gabba and Mommy and Dora and we walked but I didn't walk and then I cried. HAHAHA!" At least that's how most of our conversations with her go.


  1. Hey have I told you the new page look is amazing? Like WOA. Looks nice up in here :-)

    I'm still cracking up at the Em in the middle seat convo! Good look with the diet!

  2. That's a hilarious conversation. I would probably enjoy sitting next to Em.

    Glad you're liking the diet so far. I am anxious to get back into the routine of it!