Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday Five

1. Today was Day 11 (11!) of the 17 Day Diet. One of the first things I noticed when starting this plan was I really take a lot of what Weight Watchers calls "BLTs" -- bites, licks and tastes -- from Em's food. We try to give her what we eat most of the time, but you can imagine she's not a fan of stuff like baked salmon (although she ate more than half a dozen of the sushi version the last time we were out). Pre-diet, I absentmindedly finished off her mac-n-cheese, chicken tenders, whatever. Or I'd taste her food to make sure it wasn't too hot. Not anymore, although I have to stop myself.

2. Starting the end of next month Em gets to go to preschool two days a week, which is great for everyone. She loves it and is starting to make friends there, and I enjoy the breather and chance to recharge.

3. I ordered this chalkboard contact paper, and it arrived today. Now I'm going to label ALL THE THINGS.

4. I love this song. A lot.

5. Have you entered my Shutterfly holiday card giveaway yet? You should.


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