Monday, November 28, 2011

Nailed it

I fell in love with Sally Hansen's Salon Effects nail polish strips earlier this year, so when I realized that I wouldn't have time to get a manicure done like I'd wanted before Brent's holiday party last week, I quickly reached for my stash.

Here they are, freshly done on Tuesday night. 

I love that it took just a half hour to apply, and I was ready to go -- no drying time. And here they are today, 6 days post-application.
There's a tiny, tiny chip on my index finger, but otherwise they look as good as new.

Based on my previous experiences with these, I have a few more days before I'll even start to think about removing them.

The one downside is that they take some elbow grease to get them off with polish remover, but that goes along with their ability to last so long. And they don't leave your nails wrecked once they're removed. SCORE.

I saw some adorable holiday-themed versions at Target in September, but didn't pick any up because, well, it was only SEPTEMBER. I haven't seen them since, sadly.

Each time I use these, I get tons of compliments. In fact, as we left the ER the other night, the nurse who signed us out gushed about how much she loved the strips, too, especially because they withstand the frequent handwashing that goes along with her job.

They run about $9 for a set that's good for one manicure (two if you have short nails and cut the strips in half, but that didn't work so well for me the one time I tried that), but I pay more than that for manicures that last half a day before chipping.

This is by no means a sponsored post -- just me taking an opportunity to tell you about one of my favorite products.

Have you tried them?


  1. Those are so cute and I can't believe how long they last and look great.

  2. damn, now I really really want to try them. They look amazeballs!

  3. wow those look great after 6 days, i am impressed. love the design too!

  4. I just tried them out last week after letting my nails recover from a beautiful yet quite damaging shellac manicure :(. I have the zebra print on right now, and they were on sale at CVS bogo 50% off, so I'm trying the cheetah one next week! They still look great, but I had some trouble with wrapping the tips over the edge of my nail and filing it down, but they ended up great after a few chipping issues. I also messed up the placement on two of my nails near the cuticle so they kinda lifted off but somehow they didn't get all jacked up. I plan on putting the cheetah ones on before next week when I check into the hospital to deliver our baby girl!!

  5. I love these too (as you saw from my copy-cat FB post)! I NEVER get manicures because the polish peels off within a day(even gel manicures don't work as well on me as they should), but I really liked these. They did chip on me after a couple of days (again, bad nails), but they still looked WAY better than a a regular manicure does at that point. I want to pick up some more!

  6. i'm obsessed with them, too! the ones you show in this post are my absolute faves, they are my go-to's when i'm in need of a nail fix fast. love 'em!

  7. I think they are SO adorable. But $9? I just can't do it. I have never paid for a manicure (pedicure 2-3) times, so it's no surprise that I don't want to spend a lot on nail stuff. I have a lot of fun polish colors, but they last much more than one time, so I feel ok about it.

    Maybe I should hint that this would be a good stocking stuffer...

  8. Ooh. Been a while since I've clicked over to your blog - love the redesign! And cool nails! This busy mama might just need to try them out.