Saturday, November 26, 2011

Owie wowee

Until 7 p.m. tonight I had no idea what I was going to blog about.

Then as we were getting Em ready for her bath, she decided to make her body go limp and hang from Brent. She started screaming in pain and gripping her left arm, but it's the kind of thing that's happened to her before and usually fixed itself after a few minutes.

When she still wouldn't move her arm in the tub, and then wailed post-bath, "Mommy, I'm sad! My ARM!" we knew it needed more attention.

We took her to the ER, and although her spirits were much better ("I'm not sad anymore, Mommy!"), she still wouldn't move her arm. As we waited the few minutes to be seen, we could tell that she was relaxing a bit and not clutching her elbow so closely.


By the time the doctor came in, she had no problems using her left hand on the drawing program on my mother-in-law's iPad.

The doc played with her arm a bit, and either it had already fixed itself just before his arrival or he put the final fix on it. Either way, she was high-fiving me with that arm before he left the room.

She passed out on the way home and in a rare move, let me carry her upstairs and put her to bed without waking up.

Sleep Em post-ER

That's one way to get some blog fodder, I suppose.

P.S. A few Twitter friends mentioned that if this "nursemaid's elbow" continues to happen, we can save ourselves some time and money by having the docs teach us how to fix it ourselves. Interesting!


  1. Poor kiddo. It's so scary when our little ones are hurt. Sorry.

  2. My girlfriend had this happen to her 3 year old daughter recently. Is it growing pains? My cousin's son used to complain about his legs hurting often, they always referred to it as growing pains. I hope Em feels better!

  3. Glad she is okay!!

  4. Did her elbow pop out of the socket? That used to happen to my sister, and my dad would have to pop it back in and it was AWFUL to watch! I can't imagine what it was like to be her. Or my dad!

  5. Poor babe! That same thing happened to Kate a few years back. She was walking between Hank and me (holding both of our hands), and she decided to let go and swing between us...pulled her elbow right out of the socket! We made a quick trip to urgent care, and they popped it right back!

    I had no idea such a thing a nurse maid's elbow existed! Oh the benefits of being a parent. Since I've had kids, I now know what these things are: cradle cap, thrush, nurse maid's elbow, febrile seizures etc. . .

  6. I'm going to have google this nurse maid's elbow thing. Glad she's better!