Monday, November 21, 2011


Remember when I told you all about Pinterest? I said that I never followed through with the pins I collected, but then I got to thinking about it. There are a few ideas I've somehow managed to try.

For Em's party, I whipped up these s'mores on a stick, inspired by a pin
Smores on a stick

I somehow remembered seeing this pin just in time, so the night before Em's third birthday we covered her floor in balloons. She was as ecstatic as one would imagine.
3rd birthday

Our microfiber couches are gross have seen better days, so when I saw this tutorial on Pinterest for cleaning them, I gave it a shot. It WORKED! They're not spotless yet, but they're getting there.

This pin linked to an extensive list of cleaning tips. The day after I read it, I started pouring baking soda on my stuck-on pots and pan. After a short soaking, the gunk came right off. Genius!

I read Mrs. Priss' tutorial for a yarn wreath when she first posted it on her site early this year, but her link and similar projects pop up on Pinterest all the time, serving as a constant reminder. I finally tackled it this week, and VOILA! 

Yarn wreath

I'm going to make a smaller one for Em's room soon, too. I have materials to do this and these for Em, as well.

So much fun stuff! How about you, fellow Pinners? Are you all look and no action? Or have you been inspired enough to try some yourself?


  1. I haven't been adventurous as far as crafts are concerned, but I have tackled about 12 recipes from pinning. I guess I could be considered a hoarder of ideas on least it's only cluttering my cyber world. :P

  2. Those are all so awesome! I have so many pins and don't really do anything with them. I really need to change that.

  3. Your wreath looks great! I pin things for ideas/inspiration but I'm not sure how many things I really copy. Your wreath is inspiring me to finish my Christmas wreath- I have one that I wrapped up in white yarn that has been sitting there for weeks now. Time to finish it up so I can hang it this weekend!

  4. I have done a few things. I wish I could do more craft but time is always an issue.

  5. I've made cakes from ideas i got on Pintrest! Do those count?

    I plan on doing some of the Xmas ideas this year for sure :-)