Saturday, November 26, 2011

Steppin' Out - Dancey Dance Time


Don't know if it was the post-nap photo session or the Harry-Potter-joins-a-punk-band ensemble, but Em started out a little emo yesterday.



But she eventually perked up.
 Me: Old Navy, top to bottom

Em: Shirt and sweatshirt, Harajuku Mini for Target
Leggings, Baby Gap
Shoes, Vans

Yesterday we joined Heather, Mike and Annabel to see our second Yo Gabba Gabba Live show.

The theater was extra dark this year, and we didn't want to risk getting scolded for sneaking in our giant DSLR, which was deemed "too professional" to bring into the theater by the first security guard even though I assured him that I'm far from a pro, so we don't have many good pics to share. Here are a few we were able to capture.





Our Super Music Friends Show guest was Ben Lee, which was totally fine by me and Heather. I suppose I can cross off seeing him live from my concert bucket list.

Our Dancey Dance guest was actor/comedian Brian Posehn, and our group may have been the only people in the audience who knew who he was.

The first half of the show Em just sat there in wide-eyed excitement until the end of that act when they played the Get The Sillies Out song. She couldn't contain her excitement any longer. She busted a move in our aisle along with some other little girls, and then did the same thing the entire second half of the show. I've never seen her so into the Dancey Dance segment.

We bought tickets for this show long before we realized we were moving to Portland, but I'm so glad the timing worked out so nicely with our Thanksgiving visit.


  1. Jaime9:28 AM

    So cute! We took our daughter who is 24 months and she was dancing and singing. It was great. I was singing louder than some of the kids. We went to te 2:30 show. Ben Lee was the super music friends guest. But Ron Artest or Metta World Peace whichever you want to call him was our dancey dance person. So disappointed there wasn't the big balloon drop that I remember in your post from last year.

  2. How fun! I love Ben Lee! He's one of those performers I have and will see multiple times though.

  3. Annie woke up this morning and said "Gabba...[Em]...DANCING!" I think she had fun.

    I looked at your post from last year - GAH Em has grown so much!!

  4. great photos, anyway!

  5. Love Em's outfit!!! Gotta go check out the Harajuku Mini stuff now...

  6. Looks like a fun day! And you are looking fabulous by the way!!