Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Tink or treat!

I have fond memories of Halloween growing up, and I look forward to creating similarly wonderful memories for Em.

That is, when's she not being little Miss Cranky Pants.

I kid.

Sort of.

It seems like she talked about dressing up as a "pirate fairy" for months. Then somewhere along the way it changed to "princess fairy." I wasn't sure how to interpret that request, so I got her to agree to her favorite fairy, Tinkerbell. As luck would have it, Jenny's daughter, who is a year older than Em, passed on her Tinkerbell costume from last year to us.

The first of our Halloween celebrations happened last week at my husband's office, where each year they host a Halloween blowout. It's the only company event where entire families are invited, and each department goes all out to decorate their areas. The party started at 2, and when I tried to get Em up from her early nap, she threw a fit of all fits, even though she was stoked about the party. She didn't want to wear her costume, but I managed to get her into a new dress, which happens to look a lot like a very popular little red-headed orphan.


Once we arrived, she perked up. We cruised the office's six floors to check out areas like Candyland, the reptile guy and the bubble room.


I was excited to see one of Brent's conference rooms. That nest isn't Halloween decor. It's there all the time. The couches are shaped to resemble rocks.

It was raining that afternoon, not unexpected in Portland. We braved a bit of the weather to head outside to one of the two bounce houses -- Em's favorite, of course.


I was worried that Em would refuse to wear the costume again last night, so we all talked it up the past few days. She seemed really into it until it was time to actually get dressed. I got her in her tights and shirt, but she wanted nothing to do with the dress or wings. But then our first trick-or-treaters arrived. Something clicked and then we couldn't get her dressed fast enough.

She was excited to show off her ensemble to the grandparents over Skype.

Then we hit the road for candy!
Our landlord, who lives nearby, explained that we'd get very few trick-or-treaters because a nearby street was the place to be. So that's where we headed.

There were throngs of folks when we arrived, but Em did a great job navigating through. The streets were surprisingly dark, and Em's wings included flashing green lights. So many passerbys commented on our Tinkerbell and her wings.

We guided Em up to most of the doors.

Then when we came upon houses with few steps, we let her venture up on her own. Brent and I died of cuteness overload watching our little Tink do it herself. We loved the look on the faces of the folks who opened their doors to find her.


After one house, Em ran back to the crowd of parents where Brent and I were standing, and she shouted, "Daddy! DADDY!"....but approached the silhouette of the wrong Daddy. We all laughed, and Em was so dumbstruck.

(With the right Daddy)

Another favorite moment was after someone gave her a piece of candy, she said "Thank you" and then CURTSIED. Have you ever seen a fairy curtsy? Next time you see one, ask her to curtsy. You'll see what I mean.

Each time she left a house, she ran back to show us her loot, cheering, "Daddy! Look what I found!"

She loved all the costumes she saw, but her favorite was the toddler Rapunzel we were behind at one point. She cooed, "Mommy! It's Rapunzel! Her hair! Her CROWN! Soooo pretty!" I think faux Rapunzel and her mom were pleased to hear that.

Halloween through the eyes of a 3-year-old? Can't get better than that, folks.
Fairy in the woods

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  1. Brent's office is ridiculous! And what a cute little fairy.

  2. what a fun halloween celebration and em is seriously the cutest. love how much fun she had and i can only imagine how adorable the fairy curtsey is.

  3. Um, I want couches that look like rocks! What an awesome office, and what a cute Tinkerbell she was!

  4. what a cute fairy princess!

  5. Holy crap - I need to work in the same industry as Brent. His office looks fun!

    Em is too cute for words!

  6. Curtsied??? OMG. My heart just melted.

  7. Ah, loved reading this post. So happy you're all settling into Portland nicely. I would imagine that there is nothing better than Halloween through the eyes of your 3 year old. Can't wait :) shes the cutest little Tinkerbell I've ever seen. :)