Sunday, November 27, 2011

We are family

My goal this Thanksgiving was to get more photos of Em with her grandparents. Those are the type of photos I cherished growing up and I wanted to make sure Em had some for herself.


Em had a breakthrough this visit with my mom's fiance. Em used to have this strange fear of Asian men with mustaches. She's recently overcome that fear and is no longer scared of our favorite sushi chef nor of my mom's fiance. She happily played Legos with him and has even asked about him (and my mom, of course) a few times since they left. 

I'm glad she's moved on from that phobia so we no longer have to explain that, no, our daughter is not racist.


  1. Nice photo! I wish I had more pictures with my grandparents too. I'm going to make sure that this baby has TONS.

  2. that's a really cute photo! and way to make strides, em!

  3. What a great shot!

  4. aw that photo is just precious, love it.