Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wordless{ish} Wedesday

Eyeball kisses

Em has this "trick" she likes to play with Brent, where she creeps toward him while he's chilling on the couch or just after we've finished eating at the table. In a silly, taunting voice, she says, "I'm gonna kiss your eyeball...." Then she crawls into his lap and plants a kiss on the top of his eyebrow, as you see above.

Brent pretends that he's grossed out, but judging by his giggles, he loves it just as much as Em does. 

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  1. That is perfectly adorable!!

  2. That's so sweet. I love seeing little girls and their daddies.

  3. That is the sweetest.

  4. I love the relationship that Brent and Em have. It's so sweet.